Monday, November 19, 2007

there can be only none

So yeah, the strike? Still on. Don't worry, I'm still standing strong with the WGA. In fact, I've written many letters of support to the Coen Brothers, but they haven't written back (because of the strike of course). I'm inspired by their dedication.

So here's the thing. I wrote this blog entry several weeks ago. As it happens, my weekend matched up with it perfectly! Amazing, when you think about it.

Friday afternoon Gatsby and I went up to Sugarhouse. Just dickin' around on our lunch break, which is more or less a daily occurrence. This part of town is due for some remodeling, which I briefly touched on last week. (click here, or scroll down slightly). The businesses are all boarded up, with their new locations graffitied about in preparations for demolition. Still some interesting things to see there. Like... a door.

And this ominous warning.

We ended up in an antique store. This beautiful woman in a short skirt and a long jacket came in and I was hoping she was there to buy herself some GI Joes, but it turns out she was only there to get directions out of there.

Friday night, dinner at Chipotle with the Chris and Emily. The burrito was pretty good. No better or worse than any other local burrito outlet.

You may remember a few months ago when I lamented Chipotle's impending arrival. I was sad to see this sign go away:

But it looks like Chipotle has honored that classic sign with their own updated version. I appreciate that. I usually dislike modern neon stylings, but I think they've done pretty well for themselves here. And the white light was a good choice.

Later in the evening I found myself at the Highlander Club. It's near my home but I've never been. I went to meet up with an old friend, Jen, the midnight googler. Haven't seen her in over five years. It was a great little reunion.

When the Highlander Club first opened they only allowed one person to be in there at any given time. They changed that rule once they realized that it was a terrible business decision.

Saturday, watched Orangutan Island. It was a sad one. Then I took care of some nagging chores 'round the old apartment. Gatsby came over and we went around collecting debts.

Stopped by the home of new blogger Julia Gulia. She makes notebooks that are very impressive. I want to get one of those notebooks. I also want to steal her dog.

Saturday night I helped Chris fry a turkey. And by "help" I mean, didn't help at all. I checked the temperature once though. The event requiring a fried turkey is well documented over at Cindy's blog.

After that party I zipped up to the hills for Carbon Copy's birthday. I was killed by a werewolf.

Sunday I got some new pants. I also got a speeding ticket (unrelated to the pants). Officer Odor was very nice about it. Just doing his job I suppose. Still, setting up a speedtrap on a Sunday afternoon in a quiet and mostly abandoned neighborhood is kind of a drag.


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