Monday, November 5, 2007


Remember how last weekend I did nothing? Well this weekend was so eventful it's going to take at least two days just to write about it. My stars and garters, I really couldn't have asked for more out of this weekend. The whole thing was just fantastic.

Where last we left off, I had just repaired my flat tire. Now, I've mentioned my San Francisco homeys before, and a bunch of them were in town for a wedding. Once my car was in working order and I had washed the grease from my person, I went over to The House (that's what we'll call the house where my friends Andy, Cherie, Chris, and Emily live. I spend a lot of time there). Joining those folks for the weekend were Jared Rusten, hotshot furniture builder, Karen Rusten, hotshot photographer, and Rudy, hotshot skate representative guy. We hung out for a bit, checked out Chris's bicycle collection, watched some television. Then us fellas went to Freaky Dee's. I had toast and decaf. We talked about pheasants and the cages that contain them.

Friday. Work. Blah. Gatsby and I did have a good hour-long run of making up bad jokes about cows and ghosts. I wish I had written some of them down.

After work, dinner at Koyo with all the people I've mentioned and also the Grovers and Judy and Katie and Scott and Kylie and Jonathan... So many people wanted in on the action that I had to reserve the banquet room. I felt like there should be toasts and speeches and assassinations, but instead we had to settle for conversation. My Koyo food was as delicious as always, but I heard that it was a bad night for chicken based dishes.

So after dinner my night probably ended right? Hardly! Some of my old co-workers were throwing a party, and a few of us went to check it out. I haven't seen those old friends in a long time but a lot of them read the blog, so ... hey guys! Drank a Blue Moon or two, got molested by a pilot, watched as Rudy and my friend (not brother) Sean argued about the Red Sox, and avoided attempted Kanchos. By the way, if you live in Utah, Cambria the Schoolteacher is against Referendum 1. So keep that in mind when you head to the polls on Tuesday.

2am, just getting started! Back to The House. I don't even remember what we did. Oh wait yeah, we watched Blind Date. Then some of those jokers wanted to go to bed so Scott and Andy and I went to Freaky Dees again. It was packed for three in the morning. Full of oddballs, including us I guess. Funny sight: in the booth next to us was this huge bruiser, shaved head, sleeve tattoos, angry and mean disposition, daintily eating a strawberry shake with a mountain of whipped cream on top.

Finally got back home at about 4am, and guess what happened! I checked my e-mail and found a note from a dear old friend that I haven't talked to in years (you know who you are). She stumbled across my blog and sent me an e-mail. I'm really thrilled about re-connection. Pretty exciting.

Tomorrow: dogs in costumes.

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