Monday, August 13, 2007

these things I have done

Okay weekend, but I really wish I'd spent less time sleeping and more time watching tv.

  • Hot baseball action at the Bees game.
  • Whenever I think of the Bees I think of this: bees?!?
  • There was some controversy as the people around us complained that my friends were being too loud. Y'know, cheering and stuff. Apparently minor-league baseball is to be treated with the same reverence as clergy services.
  • Went to Arby's, where we solved the nation's healthcare crisis.
  • Solution? Bring back Abe Lincoln. He'd know what to do.


  • Bumped around Sugarhouse for a while in a bid to secure some picture frames and art supplies. Most of the places I wanted to go to were closed, a consequence of sleeping all afternoon.
  • I used the opportunity to take pictures of this soon to be demolished Cafe.

  • In all my years I never once saw this sign illuminated. Real shame, that.
  • It's being replaced by this:

  • For all I know Chipotle is good, but I don't know. I'm suspicious. All of the sudden they're popping up all over the place. It's an invasion. I have a rant against this genre of chain restaurant, Fast-Casual, but that will have to wait for another day.
  • Anyway, I should draw your attention to this important political statement.

  • Dig this crazy van.

  • I know I've been talking about barber shops alot lately, but I have to mention that the schedule for this shop is waaaaay too complicated, not to mention loaded with conflicting information.

  • Dined at Panda Express for the first time in six months.
  • Remembered why it has been six months since I've dined at Panda Express.
  • Saw the flick Rescue Dawn. Hilarious movie, at least according to the group of girls in front of us wearing J-Lo hats.


  • Finished the first Harry Potter book. I liked it at first, then it really lost steam in the middle, but picked up at the end.
  • I tried to google some silly Harry Potter picture to put here, but I didn't really find anything.
  • Didn't try that hard though.
  • I did find a picture of an adult Halloween costume, "Slutty Hogwart's Student." I'm keeping that picture for myself though.
  • Turns out there's a store in Santa Monica that sells nothing but Harry Potter themed merchandise and replicas.
  • This has inspired me to open my own shop, selling nothing but Weird Science themed merchandise and replicas. So far all we have are dubbed VHS copies of the movie, a couple Oingo Boingo CDs, and a replica white tank top, just like the one worn by Bill Paxton's character Chet. I'm really excited about this.



  1. Your Weird Science store sounds rife with possibilities. I just thought I'd mention that Abbie from A Model Life (you know, that TLC show that features young, beautiful models and Petra Nemcova that you inexplicably refuse to watch? Yeah, that one) looks EXACTLY like Kelly LeBrock when shot from certain angles. It's kind of hard to tell in this photo, but she's the one in the bikini at the far left. She's up and coming, so if you needed a model for ads for your store, you could probably get her at a decent rate. But she's only 16. I'm just saying.

  2. the thing about vanatopia is that it's not real - it's just your imagination.

    oh Joy,

    I LOVE A Model Life. I have a girl crush on Lucia. And Petra is so beautiful inside and out.

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