Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I checked my inbox this morning and my gmail account was full. Do you have a gmail account? Do you have any idea how much it can hold? It can hold, like, a lot. But my e-mail was almost completely disabled due to all the letters crying "foul" over my strike. Perhaps I should clarify a few things.

1) I am still on strike until the Writers Guild situation is resolved or I start getting 8 cents per dvd.

2) Although I am not writing new material, I have several week's worth of blog entries "in the can" (showbiz speak). That means that there are still plenty of unpublished bloggies that were written before the strike.

3) Okay, maybe technically they weren't written before the strike, but the events described happened before the strike.

4) So as you can see, it's a win-win-win-win. You get new entries, I get to hold fast to the picket line.


Friday, after a hard day at the office, I went home to rest in gentle slumber. Didn't work though thanks to smoking downstairs neighbors, vacuuming upstairs neighbors, and chanting geese neighbors. I gave up on that and got to the late showing of Control, the movie about seminal post-punk band (and one of my all time favorites) Joy Division.

The movie was beautiful and moving, and the recreated Joy Division performances were amazing. Still, TOTAL downer. I already knew how it was going to end (spoiler! Ian Curtis dies at 23) but it still nearly ruined me. The whole drive home I was like "Uh."

I really relate to Ian Curtis in a lot of ways. Except he's more talented. And way cooler. And makes smoking look awesome. And he was a lot more angsty than me. And got more ladies. Way better singer. Also he's in pretty good shape.

(not a real picture of Ian Curtis, but rather actor Sam Riley)

Saturday morning I was still feeling down, so I watched something guaranteed to cheer me up: the best show on television, Orangutan Island. There's a whole entry about this show coming soon (but already written). Here's a picture of my favorite ape, Saturnus. He's the celebrity I would most like to meet.

In this week's episode he... well nevermind, I'll talk about that later (previously).

Saturday night Emzy and I were going to go see American Gangster. We didn't though. Instead we went to Blue Iguana for some Mexican cuisine.

In another life, I used to come here all the time, but I haven't been back in almost two years. The food was good, and I also saw my Least Favorite Utahn there. I won't mention who she (or he) is for fear of libel.

Hung out with the usuals for a while, then a few of us went out dickin' around at 2am. We found a big salt heap and I had Scott take some "Ian Curtis" pictures of me.

I really like this one. It looks cool, it captures my mood, and it's in front of a great big salt heap which is fitting since I'm from Salt Heap City.

Then we went over to the U, where nothing exciting happened at all.

On the way home I passed through Old Sugarhouse, which I believe will soon be torn down to make way for New Sugarhouse. I snapped some neon pictures I hadn't previously collected because it's kind of weird to hang out in front of the lingerie store taking pictures during business hours. But in the middle of the night it's not weird at all.

Not much happened Sunday.


  1. Hooray! Back again!

    I actually had to stop and think to make sure that I wasn't at Blue Iguana this weekend. Will you at least give us a hint about the identity of this person? If not, may I suggest a few?

  2. It was a local retailer, but probably not the one you're thinking of.

    Worst Utahn is a worthwhile discussion to have...

  3. I shall take my suggestions to a slightly more anonymous forum. But maybe not even then — the worst utahn I'm thinking of is a vindictive SoaB.

  4. You can't strike. If I don't have TV, I better have microsuede. The Worst Utahn I've seen in person was Super Dell, and it was at the RED Iguana, so maybe there's a pattern here. Coincidence? I think not.

  5. For real? Your gmail is FULL??

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