Sunday, November 11, 2007


As surely you know, the Writers Guild of America has gone on strike. Though not "officially" a member of this guild, I do have a screenplay that's almost a third of the way finished, and two chapters of a novel that I think would also make a really kick-ass movie. Therefore I am pledging support to the writers, and I will not write another word for this blog until the tyranny and oppression that the studios are bringing to these writers has come to an end.

Furthermore, I see that one of the issues initially brought up by the writers is profit from DVD sales. Did you know that writers only get 4 cents for every copy of every DVD sold? 4 cents for a product that costs only 16 cents to make, and retails for over $20? Did you know that even though the writers asked for double the residuals, that's still only 8 cents for a DVD that wouldn't even exist save for the writers putting ink to paper? Did you know that I am not making a single penny off of any DVD sales? NOT ONE RED CENT!

To right this terrible wrong, I am making a DVD. The Microsuede Special Edition Box Set. Imagine if you will, a digital archive of this entire blog! Just pop the disc into your computer, digital video disc player, or next generation video game device, and relive all of your favorite Microsuede moments! It's all there. Everything from the very first post, to this post that you're reading right now. And that's only disc one! Disc two contains every neon photo I have ever taken. Of all the correspondence I get, the most frequent request is "B, I loved that neon sign, but could I see it ten more times from different angles?" well the answer is yes. 3,789 photos in all. Disc two also contains a special, never before published essay called My Favorite Hot Babes, and an interactive puzzle where you can unlock my almost 1/3rd finished screenplay.

The price will be $39.95, plus shipping and handling, plus 8 cents. I'll let you know when it's available. Maybe. If the strike ends in time. Because until the strike ends, this blog will be silent.


  1. I'm interested in the box set, but I think you should follow the lead of other artists and take full control of your future. You should have a site where I, the consumer, could go in and offer you what I want to pay. This proved to be wildly successful in other cases, and I think you would benefit as well. Just think, Joe Q. Microsuede Reader could offer to pay MORE than your suggested retail price. It could be a windfall, and it would be your way of fighting "the system".

    Think about it.

  2. Please no. This was a really shitty day for dealing with the really shitty boss, and I gotta have some sunshine!

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