Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving etc.

Thursday morning I had plans to go to the Zoo. These plans are still unrealized, but hopefully one of these days I'll get there. I want to just strap on my ipod and zen out while observing the orangutans. Maybe find some inspiration. Anyway, didn't happen.

Went over to my mom's house for the traditional Thanksgiving pre-dinner: chicken-in-a-biscuit crackers and cherry 7-Up. The meal itself lasted only about ten minutes since it was just me, mother, and Mikey.

Afterward Mikey and I went around to different Red Box machines to try to get a movie. We kept running into the same people at each one. Guess we were all looking for the same thing. Finally ended up at Hollywood Video where I purchased a copy of Ratatouille. I really wanted to see it and buying was the only option. Such a cute movie.

Friday afternoon: No Country for Old Men.

Ho-lee shit. Could be one of the greatest movies of all time. I've never been so scared in any movie before. The first half I was sooo tense. I need to see it again... the coin-flip gas station scene, the final scene, Anton Chigurrh, no music, the dreary cinematography... I mean, wow. Furthermore, my love for Scottish actress Kelly MacDonald grows. She's going to be in a Sundance movie next year. I might have to do a bit of celebrity-bothering up in Park City.

Moon over the Foothills.
Saw this crazy thing in the Little Caesar's parking lot. Can't afford a Lamborghini? Why, just make your own!

After a Jazz game/nap, bowling. Real bowling this time, none of the electronic Wii mumbo-jumbo. We went to Sue Rich. I've posted a picture of the sign before, but here' s a still from my 16mm film, Electric Landscape.

(B., like my name. Get it?)

Saturday morning I had to get up early (at noon) to watch the Utah/BYU game over at Barlow's house. There was a healthy mix of Utah and BYU fans, and even Patsy got in on the action.

This neat little dude is Cash. He's good at sharing. He also likes avocados and big trucks. He's not upset in this picture, that's just his picture-takin' face.

Boring game until the last few minutes. BYU won. I went to the U but was raised a BYU fan, so I don't really have a strong allegiance one way or another. Scotty and Barlow were pretty devastated though.

After the game, this happened. This event has now been immortalized here. The Bud has got my back.

Once I was settled down I went to a Tibetan restaurant, and ultimately ended up here:

Cool bar. Divey and without any faux-Irish crap. Just real Irish crap. Good jukebox too, even though some slack-jawed fool spent an hour hogging it and not making any selections.

Had a couple of these, but didn't throw down too hard.

(I'm not going to mention the part where we were asked to leave).

Spent the night at a friend's house, then finally drove myself home around 630am. Caught this on the way back.

That about covers it.


  1. There must be something wrong with me, because I really didn't get No Country.

    I thought it was beautifully shot and that Javier Bardem did an amazing job being a scary bad guy, and the use of language was pretty interesting, but overall, the narrative, or lack thereof, lost me.

  2. Ooooooo...I want to see NCFOM so bad. I was supposed to see it with this guy on Friday, but he must have gotten the memo that goes out to all guys to not call me back.

  3. whoa, b, that last photo is aMAZing. i'm glad the shooting led to something like that.

  4. I'm so jealous you've already seen No Country! It's next on my list. I'm currently reading a Cormac McCarthy novel (The Road) and I highly recommend it.

  5. So funny that you use the words Ho-lee Shit (love the phonetic spelling) to describe No Country for Old Men, because when I saw it those were the only two words my brain could formulate. Such an incredible film. I keep watching the trailer just to get my fix and my heart races every time.