Thursday, November 15, 2007

three rules for how to do relationships

1) Communicate
2) Others' needs
3) Keep it fresh


  1. I will put these to the test on my date tonight.

  2. What about honest I think that is pretty important

  3. Honesty is a pretty good policy most of the time, yes.

    Judy, how was the date?

  4. Well, I guess we've got it covered then.

  5. Sean said...

    4) Me time

    Which leads me to

    5) Sex with your partner is good, too.

  6. Well in order to get to your list there first has to be the three rules for how to get into a relationship:

    1. attraction
    2. compatibility
    3. desire to be with each other

    The date was - eh. He is attractive and super nice, but there was no spark for me. I think I was more attracted to the idea of him than I was to him.

    also - I think this needs to be added to your list:

    clear eyes, full hearts...

    (it's not just for sports anymore)

  7. 6 (7?) Compromise. (I nap, you walk the dog ≠ compromise)

  8. I believe you have omitted a cardinal rule, namely, always maintain a proper distance (eight inches at the very least) when promenading in public. One must'n't appear a strumpet.