Monday, November 5, 2007

Saturday Sunday

Didn't get much sleep Friday night. I didn't settle in til about 5am and wanted to get up early in time to have breakfast with the Grovers since I probably wouldn't see them again for the rest of the weekend. Nate G. loves this place, Johanna's Kitchen, and says it has the best corned beef hash around. I've never had CBH so I have no frame of reference, but I daresay it was hashtastic. And those scrambled eggs are the best I've ever had. No lie. I can understand why the parking lot was so full at Johanna's.

Pretty much the same crowd from the night before. We did a lot of talking, talking and eating breakfast foods.

This fine piece gazed down upon our table. It's for sale, if you want it.

They have a nice Jazz shrine too, but strictly from the years we went to the finals.

I talk about Emily all the time, but I've never posted a picture of her. I really like this one, snapped outside on that freezing and overly bright morn.


Went home and watched the first half of the movie Get Carter, starring one Michael Caine. Check out this awesome Michael Caine illustration Gatsby did. The movie was way cool but I didn't have time to finish because I had a Halloween party to go to at the Bud. A few days late, but a more than welcome diversion. Hosted by Danny and Elin, decorated by Scott.

At the last minute I threw together a disgruntled Vietnam Vet costume. That's me between Danny and Chris.

Scott was a smooth talking devil, trying his best to purchase your soul. (actually he just came from a wedding reception. The pitchfork is purely coincidental).

The crawling zombie torso came dressed as himself.

Look at the dogs look at the dogs look at the dogs! Gretel is a princess.

And Michkin is Batman. Normally Michkin loves posing for pictures but getting this was a real struggle.

I like Michkin 'cause sometimes he watches sports with me.

After-party at Damian's house. Ran into an old college chum and some other friends from L.A., and met these F.O.L.s (Friends of Lee). I told them I was a big deal on the blog scene, so if they come around here just play along, okay? Actually the girl on the right, Cindy, has a picture of me on her blog confirming my celebrity status.

After-after-party at my house, where I maybe did a shot or four of tequila and a couple of brews. I've never actually had tequila before but I've had a fancy bottle sitting around forever and figured that now was as good a time as any to break the seal. Turns out it tastes good. And I had no hangover! Yippee. I might have done some dancing and I might have made a passionate rant about orangutans.


Did some yard work over at my mom's house. It hurt my back. I'm either getting old, or out of shape, or don't have good posture. Back to The House for one last hurrah before the Bay Area folks left. Chris made the most delicious ribs and macaroni and cheese I've ever had. Left to assist in taking Rudy to the aero-puerto, then back again for pie and a game of catch with a neat little fella named Cash.

Bid farewell to the Rustens, then went to the store, then back home where there was a near disaster involving an overly sudsed sink. Then back to The House yet again to watch the Jazz/Lakers game with Emily

Look at this guy:

I just hate him so much! Argh!

Watching the game was fun though. We made a running list of great things about Utah and the Hogle Zoo was on there twice. It deserves to be on there twice. Where else can you look at orangutans while eating Dippin' Dots, the Ice Cream of the Future? Yep, Utah is a pretty great. I tried to add Cafe Rio to the list but Emily said "You know, I'm kinda over the big burrito thing." It's true. Cafe Rio's burritos are too large. I'm not afraid to say it publicly.

The end. Now get out so I can get some sleep.


  1. This is why I get the big SALAD at Cafe Rio, and not the burrito. Who's thinking?

  2. "You had the have the big salad!"

    Welcome Cindy. Hopefully you'll stick around. I got like a million hits thanks to you linking to my blog, so perhaps I should defer to your famousocity instead.

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