Saturday, November 29, 2008

Movie Review: Twilight

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i need you to take a five

I'm so sick of sunshine. I don't particularly like to be cold but blue skies in November bring me down. Actually no they don't, I'm in a pretty good mood. But everything is so hazy. The world is a half developed polaroid.

I did a lot of back and forthing this weekend, traveling hither and yon for various purposes. Of which I will discuss now if you could just have a little patience.

Friday night it took me over an hour to not get home. The streets, every one of them, were choked with the exhaust of a thousand cars. I was going to use all that waiting time to do some blogging but couldn't find a wireless signal. Upon reaching my destination I learned something important. Lisa's Lemon Poppyseed Cakes are my new favorite food. I also learned a thing or two about the Nightman.

Saturday I worked. Um... I guess I can't explain it but just trust me, this is funny.

Jamaicans love the Loch Ness Monster.

The theme of today's blog is lights on ropes. This set of chilies was found at Marshall and Emily A.'s house.

I was there to celebrate Friendsgiving 2008. A good time that resulted from the hard work of a lot of people. I volunteered to bring ice. Then I didn't. The food was good but since I hate eating in front of strangers I had to enjoy it while huddled in a corner.

How many Eiffel Towers do you see in this picture?

I had one more point to make about Friendsgiving but I forgot what it was.

Tiny Human!

That's Jack, my fresh new nephew... or something. Grand-cousin? I don't know. Look how grumpy he is. Who's going to calm him down?

Well would you look at that. Sleeping peacefully.

After that I went to Becky's house and messed with the Zohan. Just kidding. You don't do that.

Then to the noise hole to check out some rope lights.

While there I saw my friend-in-law Hallie's band do a show. I think they're called Party Town or Fun Zone or something?

That girl right there ^^^^^^^^^ is Iris. For her birthday I drew her a thing. I only mention it because I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'll have my own table at Comic-Con in no time.

More lights. I like my house most when there are lights in the front yard.

Alright, I've got to go to see that vampire movie.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


When was the last time you even thought about water? I'd venture to wager that I bet that most of my blog readers have no trouble obtaining water. It's everywhere! It comes into our homes. There's a whole wall devoted to bottled water at the AM/PM. It comes out of our eyes when we watch Grey's Anatomy. It literally falls from the sky!

Here's how cocky we are with water:

"That's a nice big bowl of water you got there Ricky. Are you going to drink all of that?"

"No. I'm gonna put a fish in it."

"Oh. Are you going to raise the fish to eat as nourishment?"

"Actually I'm just going to let it swim around and shit all over the place."

Don't even get me started on Las Vegas. Flaunting their water fountains in the middle of the desert. That's like when I drive to the part of town where nobody has any teeth and throw Reese's Pieces in their face.

My point is, for some parts of the world water is a big issue. In fact over 30% of the world's population doesn't even know that water is made from one part H and two parts O.

Think gas is expensive? Tell that to the people of San Luis Potosi, where a gallon of Aquafina costs $76 US. And their convenience stores aren't even open 24 hours a day.

Okay but for serious, my friend Judy travels the world helping bring water to the thirsty. She's getting started on her latest project to help two villages in Mexico. Fundraising is underway and she needs your help. Hehe, I sound like a public radio pledge driver. Wouldn't you rather have your money going to this cause than to Ira Glass? Think about it.

For more information GO HERE:

Mmmmm. Water.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

just enjoy the show

I got home from work several hours ago and though I'm not certain, I think someone may have slipped me a mickey. I fell asleep on the couch but didn't even realize it. I was awake one minute and asleep the next, apparently. I don't even remember closing my eyes. It's like the whole thing never happened, like two hours of my life have gone inexplicably missing. I'm very disturbed by this.

Moving on. There's no reason we can't talk about last Wednesday. I was urged to check out the Hotel Cafe Tour, featuring an artist named Thao Nguyen and several other female folk rocksters. I enjoy the lady voice and it was raining so I went for it.

When I arrived this Emily Wells was playing. In addition to the ukulele she also plays a mean violin (seriously the violin is an asshole), so she seems to be a master of the small stringed instrument.

This is Lenka. She's a nice Australian. She deserves a better picture than this.

She sang to "live like you're dying." I disagree with that. If I were to do that I'd spend my days shaking and probably coughing. I choose to live like I am living!

Thao Nguyen, just paying some guitar.

The whole gang out on stage for the last song. That mandolin-guitar hybrid is an abomination.

Really enjoyable show. I've since tried to listen to some of the artists' recorded music but sometimes when you hear live music first the recordings don't hold up, making the experience rather ephemeral.

Friday, Andy's birthday. Harrison Ford would have been happy.

(because snacks)

An old friend named Rachel was there. I haven't seen her in some time. She was my homecoming date my senior year of high school. I just remembered that I was going to look for a picture to scan in but now I'm too lazy. Okay hang on if I can find it easily I'll do it.

Ah, here it is. I've mostly cropped out Rachel out of respect for her privacy.

I remember when that picture was taken. I was imagining what my life would be like in ten years. AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I IMAGINED!

Friday night I was double-booked so I didn't stay at Andy's very long. I left, had a passing encounter with the Leaf Lady, and saw the new James Bond movie. Daniel Craig is so steely.

Saturday, boring day at work. The monotony was broken by this. All these people decided to go for a walk at the exact same time! Wild.

Saturday night, Lisa's birthday. As far as people go, Lisa is like the best one. I don't have any pictures of this event but I did see cameras there. So someone has pictures. That's comforting.

Then I went to a mixer and learned that if someone says "I wouldn't even know where to begin!" It's best not to press the issue.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

life was supposed to be a film

this issue's soundtrack

Tuesday was my last day at Marriott! I stopped working there months ago (hmm, actually years ago come to think of it) when I started working for BODY WORLDS. I never officially resigned though, so Tuesday I went in to sign the proverbial papers and clean off the proverbial desk.

I met The Mediocre Gatsby my first day there back in 2002, and I've worked directly beside him for over two years. He's the most creative person I know.

That said, the thing I'm going to miss the most is this snack machine. It uses vacuum technology to deliver a delicious treat right to you!

LinkAnd it accept charge cards to make your gluttonous habits more convenient than ever!

I still had some work to do on my last day, though most of my unfinished business had been taken care of by Liz. I still had approximately 489 e-mails to deal with so that took some time. Finishing the last one yielded a sight I've not seen before.

Finally, at 6:46pm on a rainy November night, it became time to turn in my badge and headset.

Then I experienced one of those montages you're always hearing about.

I took one last look.

And then the credits rolled.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

quit trying to be so artsy

So how was your weekend? You don't have to answer that, I don't care. Mine was great. Based on the strength of Friday night I could have spent all of Saturday and Sunday getting kicked in the ribs and still consider the weekend a success. Which is good, because that's exactly how I spent the rest of the weekend. I don't think bikers understand sarcasm.

A few orders of business. This week is Orangutan Awareness Week. So, uh... be aware... of that. I'll need you sign and date the bottom of this blog so that HR has a record that we've discussed this.

It's been several weeks now and I'm finally settling in to my new job. I personalized my office a bit so now it really feels like home.

Friday night Iris and I went to the Bayou. Did we see a guy with a cat on his head? Sure did.

Nice times. I had a couple sweet po-ta-to fries and a mug of ale.

Then we went to a place called Baxter's which closed it's doors forever this weekend. The final nail in the coffin came when the eccentric owner put a hot dog in charge.

The cool thing about Iris is she's not bound by societal norms. Most people wait for the barkeep to serve them a drink, but she just goes on back and gets her own.

For reasons too complicated and mysterious to explain, I drew Iris a picture of a snow owl, but it occurs to me now that it may not have been accurate because at the time I had no idea what a snow owl looked like. I assumed that owls were just flying cats. Hmmm. I wonder if LOLowls would be funny?


Saturday: rib kicking

Sunday: game night and brownies at Christopher's house. Much was learned about the movie Mystic Pizza and Air Force teleportation studies.

I am too tired to continue. o mrrf yp dt[]eroyomh mpe.

Thursday, November 6, 2008