Tuesday, August 7, 2007

party like a rock star

Hey Suede-Heads. I had a great weekend I did. Will that translate to a great (or at least passable) blog entry? We'll see. I think it does set a record for most swears in one entry though.

  • Went to Koyo with my golden-mained friend Andy. We tried to go there last Monday but it turns out they're closed Mondays. Don't they realize that people still need dinner on Monday?
  • You may remember that last time I went to Koyo I wanted nothing more than their Miso Soup, but my efforts were thwarted. Well not this time! I had soup. Boy did I ever.

  • Popped into my idiot brother Sean's Starbucks for some coffee. It was much appreciated by me.
  • Lamented that I didn't have time to stop by Barnes n' Noble. Sean pointed out "Hey jackass, there's a bookstore not but five paces away."
  • Bought a copy of Trainspotting, using Sean's 20% neighborhood discount. Thanks man!
  • Ever read Trainspotting? I didn't realize this but it's written in Scottish. Luckily there's a glossary in the back, as I don't speak the language.
  • A sample: "Aye ah fuckin am, if ah'm oan ma tod n ah git set oan by a fuckin squad ay shellsuits!"
  • The big event for Saturday night was dinner with two of my favorite people, Nate and Courtney. They were in town from San Francisco for just one day and a lot of the Salt Lake Crew came out for dinner.
  • We went to Sawadee, a Thai place I've never tried.

  • Sawadee gets my highest endorsement. nice unobnoxious atmosphere, great service, and excellent food. What more do you want, you greedy bastard? We had reservations but 16 but like 25 people ended up being there, and the restaurant was totally accommodating.
  • Our server's name was Wow.
  • I ate this:

  • Long-haired Gary Busey was there.

  • Rock stars!

  • That's Nate in the hat, and the other guy is Jeffrey Z, who's presence was unexpected.
  • After dinner this noob was stirring up some trouble, and I told him off.

  • Okay not really. That's just my friend Chris.
  • Then we went to Emily the Cliff's house. There I got to spend some quality time with this dude Greg N., who I've known for a while but never really hung out with. He was a surprise guest that night.
  • Awesome guy. Plus he has an IMDB entry which is more than I can say for myself, even though I am an award-winning documentarian.
  • Greg should move from LA to SLC. It's just as easy to hang out here as it is there.
  • Saw a huge pack of raccoons running across the street and into this haunted mansion.


  • Saw The Bourne Ultimatum. Awesome movie.
  • Who would win in a fight between ____ and Jason Bourne? Jason Bourne.
  • "But what about-" *ahem* Jason Bourne.
  • Here he is killing a guy with a magazine.

  • Matt Damon seems like a regular dude. I'm a regular dude. We should hang out sometime. Maybe go to a Red Sox game, have a couple beers. Maybe he can show me around Boston...
  • After the movie shopped around a little. Found a pair of blue Chuck Taylor's I've been looking for. Didn't buy them, but I want 'em real bad now.
  • Saw some clown in a crushed cowboy hat, day-glo shirt with flipped up starched collar, giant sunglasses, and plaid shorts. Quite the combination.
  • Watched an top-notch documentary about artist Mark Rothko. I've always appreciated his work but never really "got it" until now.

  • Watched a Danish movie called After the Wedding which I had high hopes for but it didn't really live up.
  • Flight of the Conchords!

  • Superbad!

  • I was in tears. Not for everyone, sure, but I bet a lot of fellas can relate on some level to that kind of teenage desperation. Felt very real. Also it was damnedably hilarious.
  • Spoiler! drawings of weiners.

There ya go. Passable.


  1. Some people know how to live - just look at that food. Mmmmm.

    Oh, hey, it's that guy!

  2. I love Flight of the Conchords! I think your blog in general is funny.

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