Thursday, June 28, 2007

Who paid for this floor?

By this point I think I have collected most of the good neon in the Salt Lake Valley, but here's one that has eluded me until last night.

This is downtown in an area I don't oft travel to, and on the occassions that I do pass by I either don't have my camera or have no cause to stop.

Curious that they didn't decide to light up the word "cleaners."

Last night I was on that corner to take in a music show by a fella named Dan Deacon. I first became aware of Dan Deacon after being introduced to this brilliant bit of youtubery a few weeks ago. (strong language warning). Remember a couple of weeks ago when I went to pick up the Antarctica Starts Here folks at the airport? Do you? Do you really? Are you even reading this blog? Anyway while they were on their trip they saw Deacon and highly recommended it, so I picked up the opportunity to see his show here at the Urban Lounge.

The bathroom stall at the Urban Lounge looks like this, by the way.

I hear a lot of people bag on Indie Hipsters, and I've always been like "Hey, lay off the hipsters." But this was my first time in a true Indie Hipster environment. All the cliches people use to make fun of this group proved true. Ridiculous clothes, ridulous attitudes, ridiculous hair. Apparently the new thing is to wear a flourescent bandana around your neck like a cowpoke. I saw at least a dozen guys sporting this look. Horrible.

Here's a picture of two people doing the formless "Indie/Emo" dance I've head so much about.

Note that the guy has one pant leg rolled up. Cool man!

Enough complaining. I don't mean to be a hater.

Here's Mr. Deacon's set up. All sorts of electronic gizmos and doodads. He rejects the stage in favor of playing in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by the audience.

He tried his best to get all of the house lights turned off because he does his own light show: a couple of light bulbs and a glowing green plastic skull. Sadly the bar left a lot of light on, but he suggested that the audience close their eyes halfway and maybe that would make it dark enough.

On with the show.

I would say that this is the most fun I've ever had at a show but that could be a gross exageration. Gotta be some other fun time I'm forgetting. Just to play it safe I'll say it's the third most fun I've ever had at a show.
Afterward I went back in to the club to use the bathroom and DD came out of the stall and blocked my exit while he was washing his hands. I acted like he was Bill Clinton or Michael Jordan or something and just started blabbering away like a total idiot. "Drinking Out of Cups, I saw it a couple weeks ago on youtube, that's how I heard about you, it's like so funny and I can't stop watching it and quoting it all the time blah blah blah." He seemed genuinely appreciative of the comments.

I was going to post some videos here but you can just look them up yourself. Youtube, type in Dan Deacon, there ya go.


  1. Was that your picture for the ladies? That guy's rolled up pant leg? Not good enough.

  2. I wish we could do lolcats but with the lizard. Over the past few weeks that clip has overtaken the profane areas of my brain to the point where now, whenever I hear someone use certain groupings of choice words my brain immediately transmogrifies it into his voice. One of these nights that voice is bound to show up in a dream.

    I'll just stop right there.

  3. Where are the hott guys you keep promising? Seriouly, if you don't come up with some hott guys now I am going to flip.

  4. I dunno. I went. I tried to get into it. But once the show morphed into one big, sweaty, hump-a-long of a group hug around Danny, I had to tap out. I wanted it to be so much more than it was. Then again, I ain't no hipster. Perhaps that's my problem.