Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Report: yo soy mas macho

Spent a lot of time with the fellas this weekend. Doing the kinds of things fellas do when in the company of fellas. (I don't even know what that means, I just like to say "fellas.")


  • Got together with the dudes in White City. There was some debate over whether or not we should go to Evanston.
  • We didn't.
  • Retrospect, that might have been a mistake.
  • Supped at Iggy's. SLC people: where did Iggy's come from all of the sudden? There used to just be that one, now they are all over the place. There are literally many Iggy's restaurants out there.
  • On Tuesdays Iggy's had $2 drafts. In my old job we used to have our horrendous staff meetings on Tuesdays so afterward we would all go to Iggy's to unwind just like a bunch of big city grownups.
  • Good times, those.
  • But they have past.
  • My Iggy's food was good. I don't know if the other dudes were as happy. During dinner we watched a thrilling yet inconsequential Rockies vs. Blue Jays game. I really need to get a Bees game soon.
  • Back to White City where not much happened, other than some Mortal Kombat.
  • I'm on the wagon. Haven't touched a video game in years. But Mortal Kombat brought so many feelings rushing back to me.
  • I was made fun of for occasionally playing as the girl characters. That's how macho I am. I can play Mortal Kombat as a girl character and not even care.

  • I've got this friend, and for some reason he has guns. He just up and bought them one day.
  • I also have a shotgun my dad bought me when I was 14.
  • One day back in 1994 I went over to the Cottonwood Mall before my Hunter's Safety Class and bought Mortal Kombat II for the Super Nintendo. Funny how the universe is connected.
  • The shotgun doesn't live at my house, it's in my mom's basement. If I had a gun of my own I'm sure I'd accidentally shoot myself posing in front of the mirror with it.
  • Anyway this friend, he has some guns. I'm for gun control, and I wouldn't consider owning a gun for protection, but man, guns are cool.
  • We drove out to some area west of Utah Lake and shot some stuff.
  • Proof!

  • That's me shooting Nazis with an M-1 carbine from WWII. Pretty sweet.
  • Guess what we did after shooting? Played Mortal Kombat. Oy.

  • Didn't go for a drive.
  • Didn't go for a bike ride.
  • I did watch a cool PBS/BBC show about Van Gogh. Simon Schama's The Power of Art. Look it up.
  • There's a scene where "Van Gogh" (played by Andy Serkis from Lord of the Rings, who I have met) eats a tube of yellow paint. It's disturbing for many reasons. 1) Paint. Gross. It's not food. 2) How tormented do you have to be to eat your paint? I'm guessing, very.
That's that.


  1. One thing you should never ever shoot, and you can tell your friend(s) this, is: Don't shoot your camera INTO the sun. (Unless that's the effect you're going for;)

  2. Did it occur to you that you might have been unwittingly standing in the midst of White City's snake population?,4382,680194019,00.html?textfield=snakes (or just go to DesNews and search for snakes in today's edition)

    No wonder you were packing heat!

  3. Aha! I new I wasn't being crazy when I was worried about the cartoon snake on the balcony!

  4. Naked Dancing GirlJune 26, 2007 at 7:55 PM

    NICE GUNS!!!!!

  5. sorry, but this just bugs me


  6. I just realized I said new when I meant to say knew. That's what I get for posting after I've been eating paint.

  7. I sense you are experiencing a "chrono crisis". Perhaps you are ripe for a re-reading of "Lonesome Dove".

  8. you forgot to tell about how you were relentlessly noobed.

  9. Noob! Stupid hammer. Stupid black suit hammer Noob.