Thursday, June 7, 2007

Some Thursday neon for you

Salt Lake has it's fair share of old neon, most of which has been photographed by me. Here are a couple that I really like.

I couldn't find much information about this place online. As far as I know it's used as housing for transients. The hotel is downtown near the historic Rio Grande Train Station, which houses the Rio Grande Cafe, which houses more ghosts than any other Cafe in Utah. I've never eaten there.

I took these pictures last August when the street was closed off for the Italian Festival, which I didn't even know we had until I stumbled across it.

Next up we have the Scenic Motel, located on Foothill Drive, the easternmost thoroughfare in the city. During my seven years of higher education I would normally take 13th East to get back home, but on special occasions I'd take Foothill so I could drive by the motel.

For some reason it always reminds me of Fall/Winter. I guess because that's when I was in school.

If the above picture is too red for you...
Actually I'm not satisfied with either of those pictures. One of these days I'll go back and try again.


  1. We have company lunch there once a year. Pretty damn good smothered burrito.

  2. At the Scenic Motel?
    Who knew.

  3. well thats great sir, im just wondering, by any chance do you have multiple cellular teledevices? if so why? shouldn't you give the one you choose not to use to your totally rad and good looking (if i must say so myself) little brother

  4. I dig old school flourescent lights. Nice project

  5. if you took the HO from the first neon sign and mixed it with the MO from the second neon sign, what do you get?

    hmmmm. there's something funny going on in SL City with those signs.

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