Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

My dad loved Wood Ducks.

Last night I remembered something that I haven't thought about in a long time. I was just a little fella, not even in school yet, and my Mom took me to feed bread to the ducks at a creek near our house. I was keeping my eyes open for a Wood Duck, as always. This time I actually saw one, hanging back in the trees, not interested in our bread like the Mallards were. He looked so majestic with his green duck mullet and red-rimmed eyes, just like in the pictures I had spent so much time studying. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to tell my dad about it. I also told him how I had seen Utah Jazz player Thurl Bailey at the mall, and how at Albertston's I found out that the animated Disney movie The Sword in the Stone was coming out on video. I hadn't even seen it but my dad was always telling me about it. That was such a great day.

Right now I'm alone at the old house, watching baseball on the big screen. If I were to glance slightly to the left I would see a large hand-carved hand-painted Wood Duck sitting on the mantle above the fireplace. If I were to glance slightly to the right I'd see a smaller but similar representation of the duck in question, sitting on top of a mostly empty bookcase. If I were to really crank my neck and twist my body around I'd see a ceramic liquor bottle holder thing sitting in a glass display case. It's an "heirloom" of sorts, shaped like a Wood Duck sitting in a hollowed out tree stump. We had an image of that particular duck engraved into the headstone, in full color no less. Looks really good, but I've only seen it once.


  1. Those ducks are so colorful ... much like you are, and I'm sure like your dad was, too. Lovely tribute, my friend.

  2. Ah, Stilt, what can I say? Dad was always so proud of you, I hope you know that.

  3. I never knew him...but he raised a great kid that I know. That speaks volumes.

  4. Take heart, B, there will be other great days ahead. Perhaps when little B's are buzzing around you, eager to share something exciting about their day. Something like, I don't know, someone at school was Chewbacca for Halloween, or they heard a song by Journey in the elevator and didn't think it was at all embarrassing to admit to liking Journey. Things that are timeless that link the generations.

    Ah, the circle of life. Something to look forward to.

  5. I always thought wood ducks were actually made of wood. Who knew? I'm sorry about your dad, B. I didn't know.

    and Joy! you are actually Joy! I just put two and two together and I finally got four....I mean Joy!