Wednesday, June 20, 2007

or maybe not

I'm rethinking the cowboy hat idea. Maybe instead I should get a tin of pomade and adopt a more professional look. Then after I've rocked the pinstripe suit for a while I can convince the bosses to let me hire a personal assistant.

A personal assistant like that would literally solve ALL of my problems.


  1. That's what personal assistants do, you know. Problem-solve. I have to say, though, that while she may be long on certain qualities, this particular assistant seems to be a bit lacking in her typing skills. Either that, or she has a perilous back condition that requires her to sit sideways. And apparently type with her calf.

    How difficult her life must be! How open-minded of that gentleman to hire someone with such a disability!

  2. no. no, joy. It's called side-saddle typing and it's all the rage in ergonomics these days.

  3. Personally, I recomment the tin foil hat. It keeps the mind control rays out.

    Go HERE for full instructions.

  4. Or, if you prefer the musical version, go HERE