Monday, June 4, 2007

One-and-a-half day weekend report

It saddens me to mention that my weekend was truncated. Luckily (for me), this will be my last long work week. On the flipside (of the coin), this coming weekend (or is it next weekend? when does "next" become "this"?) will be my last three day weekend. After that I'll be doing the regular ol' Monday through Friday thing, just like a normal person.

The workday Friday ended on a good note as I was able to convince someone to work the first half of my Saturday shift. That means that I wouldn't have to go in at 7am on Saturday and could instead arrive at 11am. A huge sigh of relief was breathed by me as I am not a morning person. If I had my way I'd start work around 2pm but I can't get the bosses to agree.

Anyway, let's pick things up Friday night. Hope you like reading about sitting and watching things, because that's what you're going to get.

  • Two hour post work nap
  • The sleep was filled with bad dreams. Not even your traditional nightmares, but dreams that were mundane and reality based, but with just barely enough un-reality to be truly unsettling.
  • Woke up to find myself bored, but with plenty of night left and nothing to fill it with.
  • Just as I was about to watch Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot! for free on Comcast OnDemand, Barlow called and invited me over to hang.
  • Terrence and I ended up watching One Crazy Summer. Not a good movie. Not good at all.
  • Jeremy Piven has a small role in that movie, and even though it was made over twenty years ago he has way more hair now than he did back then. Wonder what his secret is?
  • By the way, click on over to Terrence's music blog and check out those songs by Sparks.
  • Went back home and watched Next Stop Wonderland on OnDemand. Pretty good indie romance. Plus it has D'Angelo Barksdale in a small role (ten points if you know who that is).


  • Work at 11am.
  • Read the very satisfying Wikipedia entry on twist endings.
  • Work was very busy because I was the only one in my position working that day. When things finally slowed down the only other person in my office regaled me with tales of running around Memory Grove and running afoul of the law back in '89. At one point I discretely dialed the office number from my cell phone so that I would appear busy.
  • Saw Knocked Up. Good movie.
  • (note to self: obtain short-lived television series Freaks and Geeks on digitized video disc).
  • By the way, I found out that Knocked Up's Paul Rudd played Nick Carroway in a tv adaptation of The Great Gatsby a few years ago. Anyone seen it? I'd be very interested in such a thing.
  • Sat around the Sweat Lodge lamenting the heat.
  • Briefly spied a hamburger-making competition on the Food Network. This prompted a discussion about where to get the best burger in the Salt Lake Valley. We finally ended up going to the Cotton Bottom Inn. The garlic burger there is consistently regarded as one of the best around. It was a good, and I guess you could call it the best just because I've yet to find something better, but it's nothing to rave about.
  • Actually, wanna know what the Best Burger in the Valley is? The Bryton Burger. I have independent confirmation of this from multiple sources.
  • Almost watched Better Off Dead to see if it held up any better than One Crazy Summer, but instead this happened.


  • Slept in.
  • Watched Sopranos and Entourage. Ninety minutes of quality television, right there. Bobby! Sil!
  • (spoiler alert)
  • Arby's, two five for fives (.95)
  • I wasn't by myself, I can't eat ten Arbyses all alone. That's crazy.
  • Watched the MTV Movie Awards. Back in my day these were pretty entertaining, but now they're just a shameless marketing tool. Shameless even by MTV standards. Remember when Ben Stiller was Tom Cruise's Stunt Double? Remember when they gave an award to Best Sandwich, and Chewbacca got a Lifetime Achievement Award? No more. Now they're giving awards to movies that aren't even out yet (Transformers)
  • Even more offensive than giving an award to Transformers is the fact that Michael Bay seemed genuinely excited to get such an award.
  • As a kid I was never really into Transformers. I had a few, sure, but they rank low on my list of youthful nostalgia.
  • Accidentally destroyed my new Mac.
  • Fixed it.
  • Watched Spiderman 3 on DVD. How? Science.

The end.


Pretty freakin' entertaining for you, eh?


  1. Perhaps you missed this (I thought you were plugged in?)
    The woman behind Utah's 'best burger',1249,660225443,00.html

    But beware the Bryton Burger if this is the source:
    E. coli fear spurs ground beef recall at Albertsons, Save-A-Lot,1249,660226679,00.html

    It would be far better if I got the hang of creating a link wouldn't it?

  2. Heather, you live in L.A. right? Do you and Rudd ever hang out? Does he bowl?

    Anon, if the best burger is in Taylorsville than I'm a monkey's uncle.

    Maybe I'll try it this weekend.

    Troubling news about Albertsons. I may need a new beef supplier.

  3. Rudd doesn't return my calls. Probably bc I don't have his number and I've never tried to call him. He has an open invation to join me for recreational bowling whenever he likes; our league, however, is full.

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