Sunday, April 1, 2007

So last night I was at a midnight showing of the flick O Brother Where Art Thou at the Tower Theatre. Prior to the start of the movie a group of folk seated behind me got into a heated discussion about Captain Kirk. Very heated. It's easy to dismiss this as unremarkable. "Yep, nerds love Kirk," you might say. But when was the last time you actually witnessed nerds talking about Kirk? Probably never?

Sometimes in life events occur that cause you to step back some and say "Wait, did that really just happen?" I'm not talking about the surprising or dramatic or joyful moments that life is full of, but those weird little bits that seem almost familiar, but then you realize that they just don't happen in real life.

Like seeing a tumbleweed, or a guy with an eyepatch. Or maybe two unaffiliated midgets at the same record store.

Or arguing with someone at work and hearing your own voice say "Hey pal, zip it!" I mean seriously, zip it?

Or like when that stranger from Calgary headbutted me in the face. Despite the pain from my bloodied lip and the concern that my be-numbed nose might be broken, all I could think to do was say "Did you just headbutt me? Really? You did that?"

What? Is there more to that story? Yeah but trust me it's boring.

Back to the subject at hand. I saw a tumbleweed once, a tumblin' along down my suburban street. And the two midgets in the record store were but one part of my famed "Four Midget Day." I've never seen anyone with an eyepatch though.


  1. You have to admit, you've got to be pretty secure in your manhood to head butt someone.

  2. I thought you had to play soccer before you're allowed to headbut someone.

  3. Dale Chihouly wears an eyepatch, I was fascinated with it when he came through our office. Eyepatches are truly interesting because you just can't help but wonder what is underneath. A gaping hole? A swollen lump? A tiny head with tiny eyes and one eye covered in a tiny eyepatch? But you just don't ask someone those things. You just don't.

  4. If I were Chihouly I would make myself a glass eye. The finest glass eye the world has ever known!