Thursday, April 19, 2007

All Apologies

Okay, I gotta come clean. This has been bothering me all day. I didn't really see the Olsen Twins. I only saw one of them. The post below contains two pictures of the same person. I don't even know which one it is. These pictures were taken when I accidentally stumbled upon the set of the movie New York Minute. I'm always stumbling upon movie sets and bumping into celebrities. Maybe I'll tell you more stories some day. While I stood on the sidelines and watched there was all sorts of crazy hubbub going on, not the least of which was seeing some Hollywood type sitting in a chair and getting her ears massaged.

BUT speaking of twins, tonight on the drive home from a brief incursion into White City I passed two 7-11s directly across the street from each other. One was normal 7-11 but the other was strange and made me uncomfortable. The sign had a weird font, and it was larger than any 7-11 I've ever seen. I would have taken a picture but I didn't have my camera.

Okay that's another lie. I did have my camera. As a responsible blogger I carry my camera with me at all times, lest I miss a photo opportunity. There was however an incident last week in which I drove past a rather bizarre scene on State Street, and though at the time I didn't have my camera with me I noted to myself "Come back with camera, take picture for blog, write about it on blog." A few days later I fetched my camera and went back to State Street, but I couldn't find it and eventually drove far South of my usual comfort zone. Then it occurred to me that though I was positive that this thing was on State Street, I had no idea where on State Street it was. Already jarred by that though, I then realized that I couldn't remember exactly when I had seen it, as I hadn't driven State Street in quite some time. The natural conclusion is that the whole thing was a dream. I never actually saw what I thought I saw. That disturbs me because it felt so real.

Come to think of it, the sight I beheld that I wanted to photograph was Teddy Roosevelt dancing with a minotaur while John Lennon played the banjo. Yeah...probably...probably a dream.

Anyway, that's your early Thursday morning update. Stay tuned for another update at about 11:00am Mountain Standard Time.


  1. Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite U.S. president. I am summoning the strength to write a blog about my unwavering admiration that will do him justice.

    Good blogs take time, people.

  2. You should. You really should!