Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nothing to see here

Really not much to talk about today. I'm at work, and a little later the boss's boss's boss will be sitting with me to "observe" me. That's going to severely limit my internet time.

Random thoughts:

-the most obnoxious form of tag is phone tag

-the phrase "Vegas, baby!" needs to go away

-there's this coffee shop I like to go to but every once in a while I walk in and it smells like roasted turd, and that's just plain off-putting

-no wait, the most obnoxious form of tag is Tag Body Spray

I guess that's it.


  1. But "Vegas, baby" comes from the greatest man flick of all time, you CAN'T get rid of it!

  2. i am showing either (a) my age or (b) my retardedness. what film does vegas baby come from? is it an austin powers quip?

    and also, b please tell me - what is a tag?

    i think i must be living in a time warp. or inside a paper bag. maybe under a rock??

  3. "Vegas, baby" comes from the movies Swingers, which is a fine film.

    Problem is, it has been co-opted by every two bit travel promoter to come along and has lost all coolness.

    Tag could mean all sorts of things. "Phone Tag" is when someone leaves you a message, then you call them back and have to leave them a message, and on and on it goes.

    Tag Body Spray is a brand of cheap cologne. It doesn't smell that bad, but the commercials are really irritating.