Friday, September 21, 2007

mirror in the bathroom please talk free

So my idiot brother is on his way to Denver right now for school, taking the Wyoming route as described in this old blog entry.

I recommended stopping at Little America on the way, since it's the only piece of civilization for thousands of miles and also they have free ice cream and a stuffed penguin. I looked up the pictures from my brief time there and found this.

Greenest bathroom I ever did see. It occurred to me that I have a lot of pictures of interesting bathrooms, and that it would be a real shame to just keep them to myself.

This here is one of the creepiest bathrooms ever. It was an outlying building at a lonely truckstop on the way to the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon. My camera settings make it look very bright, but in fact it was dim and dank, with no lights in there at all. It was freezing and the *drip* *drip* *drip* of the faucet made me think I was going to be chainsawed to death any moment. Fun fact! Immediately after stepping out of this bathroom I took the picture that appears on my profile. It was a beautiful dusk out there on the range.

Cruise ship.

No tighty whities, McDonald's shakes, full rolls of toilet paper, or toothbrushes. I was getting ready to flush a clock radio but then I saw that sign. Good thing it's there.

This is my old prison toilet. The nice thing was that it was right there in the bedroom for added convenience.

From prison to the Ritz! I am living proof of the American dream. The Ritz is nothing like prison. Nothing at all. Unless you work for them. Even then, it's probably still better than prison.

"We got you a present!"
"It's toilet paper."

The urinals at McSorley's Old Ale House in NYC which I have mentioned before and will someday blog about. These are very old and featured in the top ten list over at (seriously).

I didn't take this picture, but I have seen it in real life.

Lastly, here's my bathroom. The outside part anyway. That guy in the reflection is me.


  1. Ah McSorley's. You can leak where Lincoln once leakt. What beer do you want? What do you have? Light or Dark?

  2. The Wyoming WandererSeptember 24, 2007 at 7:16 PM

    FYI: Free ice cream cones are no more. They have inflated to 50 cents. The bathrooms aren't green either.

  3. my younger sister is famous for seeing every bathroom in the world. She always wanted to go to the bathroom in whatever country or place we were and not because she had to go. She was just curious what it looked like.

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