Tuesday, September 25, 2007

perhaps the muse has left me

I had a great idea last night for an Orson Welles themed blog entry. I was convinced that it would be hilarious! At least, hilarious to me, which is all that matters. Actually not all that matters. I want my readers to enjoy everything here too, but ultimately I'm the Decider (topical humor, get it?)

This morning when I went to work on it, eeehhh not so much. Maybe I had just forgotten everything I was going to write, or maybe it wasn't at all funny to begin with. We may never know.

My point is, blogging is hard sometimes.

Don't you agree, Orson?


  1. When he opens his mouth like that, you are supposed to throw him a fish.

    Or else next time he won't do the trick.

  2. "Mrs. Schimm's frozen peas, full of fresh flavor and green peaness. Wait, that can't be right. Who wrote this script? Why am I doing these commercials anyway? I'M ORSON WELLES, BITCH. AAAAAAGH!!!"