Monday, September 24, 2007

Word Association Weekend

The movie Eastern Promises: Viggo Mortensen's johnson (johnson?) flopping around all over the place.

Greek Souvlaki #3: Still delicious.

Work at 7am on a Saturday: Sucks.

Spending the entire workday making ridiculous jokes about the movie The Prestige: hilaaaaarious.

Super Tecmo Bowl III: No longer the champ.

Hot n' Ready: hottest n' readiest I've ever had.

Monk's House of Jazz: might be cool but the lighting is too harsh and I was only there for five minutes and I don't like watching other people do karaoke unless I have also taken to the spirits, which I hadn't.

the band F*** the Informer: I knew that punk rock was alive and well when the singer tumbled off the stage during the second song. Later they got shut down by the bar's management. Sounds like a trainwreck, but it was awesome.

Freaky Dee's at 2am: delicious.

Little People (midgets): people too.

The guy at Freaky Dee's who was parading his little person friend around like a puppet: WEIRD! Don't call it Freaky Dee's for nothing.

Sundays: I hate them.

The novel I've been working on for almost two years: comin' along.

This morning: FREEZING!

Sleep: none.

Work: sucks.


  1. Vigo wins the award for nudest fight scene ever. At least in movies that don't show late at night on cinemax.

  2. Sugarcube, you flatter me so.

    Tai, I've never seen such a brutal fight scene. And then just when you think it's over someone gets stabbed in the eyeball.

  3. I closed my eyes during most of the gore, so I didn't really see the eyeball stab and I think I avoided seeing most of the twig and berries shots. My eyes were averted for many scenes of gore in this movie.

  4. The graveyard throat slitting might be the worst thing I have ever seen.

  5. This blog has gone decidedly downhill. You might could say, "in the toilet."

    I think B needs a vacation!

  6. "Johnson"??? Jajaja. Is funny!

    Where I am from, we call it a "Gonzalez".