Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Here's what you missed by not being me.

So much happened.

You should know, I'm a high-falutin guy that lives a high-falutin lifestyle. I eat at restaurants. In fact, the weekend began -

  • -at just such a place. Me and a couple of dudes (Scott+Andy) went to a restaurant to watch the University of Utah Runnin' U's lose badly to the Beavers of Oregon.
  • Although I'm an alumnus I don't really have that much pride in the school so my level of devestation was minimal.


  • Yet another restaurant. Koyo, which has been mentioned on this blog sooo many times. Also previously mentioned on this blog is-
  • -Wayne, a friend from SF, who has actually left that city and will now be known as "a friend from Portland." He was in town so there was a gathering at the home of -
  • Damian, a swell and hospitable fellow.
  • Damian has the most convenient backyard I've ever seen (sorry for the fuzzy photos, didn't want to use the flash like some sort of picture taking idiot).

  • It's also the most kid-unfriendly backyard I've ever seen, what with the exposed power lines

  • and the big piles of spikes

  • and the open flame

  • Bloglebrity The Mediocre Gatsby brought his daughter and had a hard time keeping her out of trouble, but sometimes all a kid needs is two liters of Mountain Dew.

  • Speaking of citrusy beverages, look what I drank, fools! The only reason I bring this up is because every day I get two or three hits from people googling "ruby red squirt." So there ya go. Still exists.

  • I mentioned I was high falutin. Check out my wristwatch.
  • While I was busy taking pictures of soda, Emily tried an experiment in Ultimate Decadence by putting a mini-Reese's into a marshmallow.


  • Had lunch at The Greek Souvlaki, as is my wont. I've been dining there so much lately that I think it deserves it's own blog entry sometimes soon.
  • Movie! The King of Kong: a Fistfull of Quarters, a documentary about a guy trying to beat the world record in Donkey Kong.
  • I know what you're thinking. "A documentary about arcade games? Yeah right!" Well I'm here to tell you "Yeah, right." Very riveting and oft-hilarious human story.
  • This Billy Mitchell guy. What a jerk. Maybe.

  • Declined the opportunity to attend a zombie themed dance party with Chris. Watched Good Eats with Emily. Then Chris came back from the party and since he already had zombie makeup on we decided to go to Freaky Dee's.

  • Dee's is an SL Valley institution, and this one on 21st and 7th is known as the Freaky Dee's for its preponderance of gothic youth and the cross-dressing host.
  • They serve typical diner fare. Pancakes, omellettes, burgers, gravy-based dishes, filet mignon, toast - waitaminute, filet mignon?
  • Yeah, they have filet mignon on the menu which is kind of weird. I always boast that some day, when the time is right, I will get the Dee's Mignon. Well on Saturday, the time was right.

  • Surprisingly, it was pretty good. If I had made it myself I'd a been darn proud.


  • I'm not completely certain that I was awake for Sunday.
  • Oh wait, yeah I was. I bought some new shoes. They made me happy.


  • Got a haircut that was totally unnecessary.
  • Movie! Deja Vu. Pretty good.
  • Chris had a BBQ at Harrison Ave. using my grill. Some other friends were doin' some porch sittin' next door but I didn't get to spend any quality time over there. Hung out inside and watched VH1's latest reality show, The Pick-Up Artist.
  • Have you seen this show? The host, the self-proclaimed pick up artist, is a man named Mystery. That's his name. Mystery. Great show. And if you look him up on wikipedia you're going to find all sort of information about the show, about the Mystery Method, about the Seduction Community, AFCs... man, it just goes on and on.

okay that's it


  1. Probably due to the Dew.

    (Psst: B, doesn't your camera have the "Kids & Pets" scene mode?)

  2. Stop taunting me with your fancy camera! Whoever you are.

  3. But I'm Santa Claus! And the Easter Bunny AND the tooth fairy!

  4. what a weekend! and man am I behind on my microsuede! A couple notes re: the movies you watched.

    a) my friends worked on king of kong! i know them! thus, I am officially important.

    b) I worked on deja vu. My insignificant role on this project might detract from my earlier claim of importance.

    that is all.

  5. You worked on Deja Vu? What'd you do?

    *gasp* Are you reading this blog from the future?

    Seriously though, you work in the biz right? I'm very interested in this...

  6. yes - I am a sentinel from the future!

  7. Well if you post anything about future events please include a spoiler alert. I like to go in fresh.

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