Monday, September 10, 2007

Seems like only days ago

One of those Autumn nights you dream about in July, when the sweat is dripping and the sky is thick with the sum of the heat and our SUV exhaust. The air is cooler by mere inches and yet a jacket seems appropriate. Its need is all in your head, just like the smell of dead leaves and burning logs in the fireplace. The sun is low in the sky far ahead of schedule, casting horizontal orange rays through the apartment stairwell. Crossing those lines of light feels like crossing a borderline, stepping into a new phase and leaving behind the stagnant summer. Though the sky will soon dim to a cold grey and the surrounding green will return to the earth from whence it came, you feel like you've hit the reset button on your state of being.

That's just some prose I composed while unlocking my front door on Friday night. Then I went inside and fell asleep for hours, likely missing opportunities left and right. The good news is that when I woke up I felt awful.

Saturday fared much better! After some textual debate I saw the movie Shoot 'em Up with 'Em. Lots of shooting in this movie. Lots of it. Seriously, so much shooting. Also a lot of carrot chomping.

I can't support this movie 100%. Ridiculous action movies like The Transporter 2 are so fun because they're earnest, trying hard to be a kick-ass action movie and failing miserably. Shoot 'em Up was over the top but because it was trying to be over the top it was... I dunno.

Don't get me wrong, I liked it. The scene where they have to live in a [SPOILER!] tank is worth it right there. And Paul Giamatti is great, spewing out lines like "You're a wascally wabbit. But not wascally enough!" as if it's Shakespeare. This movie also makes great use of Nirvana's "Breed," reminding me that all the brouhaha surrounding Nirvana can overshadow the fact that they could rock anyone's socks off.

There are also several lovingly lingering shots of neon signs in the movie, and a scene with Monica Bellucci wearing a traditional diner waitress outfit, combining two of my passions: Monica Bellucci and Classic Americana. I bet the director and I could be friends.

We've spent enough time talking about this.

After the movie, dinner at the Greek Souvlaki #1. Typically I dine at the Greek Souvlaki #3. In any event it was wonderful as always and I don't see an end to my current Gyro obsession.

Watched some BYU football. I'm not a football fan per se but I like the way college football brings people together and that sometimes there are Lil Smokies involved.

Drove all over town to track down some book about vampires that all the kids are talking about. Oh, the book wasn't for me. I only read serious literature. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go see what Iron Man is up to these days.

Spent a lot of time talking about Quails. There's a story there, but I'm not going to tell it.

Overall it was a really fun day. The night ended at a restaurant called MacCool's. I like Irish stuff, but I hate faux Irish stuff. I've been guilty of Faux Irishism in the past, like the time I told the waiter at McSorley's that my name was Kenneally. There's a story there, but I'm not going to tell it (yet).

Sunday I had a splitting headache so I mostly just moped about. I did go to the store and ran into a friend there. So that's something. Oh man! I almost forgot. My beloved Salt Lake Bees of baseball lost three games in a row to those damnable Sacramentos, thus ending the season. Adding to the humiliation, Sunday's loss came at the no-doubt skilled hands (get it?) of Jerry "Boner" Blevins, with the final out courtesy of a diving catch by Lou "Error Prone-y" Merloni.

Went to my mom's house to do some laundry and the cat hung out on my shoulder like a parrot.

Right now I have seen fit to watch Barton Fink. This is a mistake as though the film is kind of brilliant, "icky" is really the only word to describe how I feel after watching it. I should just turn this off. It's depressing. It's beyond depressing, it's claustrophobic and horrifying. Maybe I'll pop-in a Futurama dvd instead. The important thing here is that I wrote a really great paper about Barton Fink back when I was a college boy. At least that's how I remember it. Maybe I'm getting it wrong and I just read a really great paper about Barton Fink. We may never know the real truth.

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