Friday, September 7, 2007


I love baseball and I'm not afraid to admit it. I've been to a smattering of major league games, and since 1994 I've regularly attended games of the hometown squadron, The Salt Lake Bees (formerly the Buzz/Stingers), AAA affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels of Insert Joke About Southern California Here.

The Bees made the playoffs this year, and last night was game two of the first round. Without a doubt the most fun I have ever had at a baseball game. I got some discounted seats through work and we were right behind the opposing team's dugout. The stadium never sells out and there isn't a bad seat in the house, but I've never sat that close before and it was really cool. Not only that, but perfect night for a ball game. 75 degrees, clear skies, the smell of fall and hot dogs in the air.

We taunted those hated Sacramento RiverCats mercilessly. By "mercilessly" I mean shouting things like "Ron! Ron! Ron! Hey Ron! RON! Ron? RON RON RON RON!" (one of the RiverCats pitcher's name was Ron, FYI).

There was another RiverCats pitcher who came into the game with a noticeable ... arousal. This lead to:

"You're facing stiff competition now Blevins!"
"Are you just happy to see me Blevins?"

but the best came courtesy of Chris:

"Hey Blevins, why do you have a boner?"

A pitcher named Van Buren was on the receiving end of some biting Presidential-themed heckling as well.

Okay, maybe taunting doesn't translate well into blog form. The point is, we were in those pitchers' heads and though I'd like to give the Bees players some credit, I think we were mostly responsible for the victory.

And what a victory it was! After clawing back from a four run deficit, the Bees found themselves down by one going into the bottom of the 9th. With men on second and third pinch-hitter Adam Pavkovich drilled a ball to the right field wall, game over. Huge celebration on the field, huge celebration in the stands.

Again, most fun I've ever had at a ballgame. Go Bees!


  1. edit your post! lee did not say why do you have a boner. it was me.

  2. Coulda sworn it was Lee. I'll make the correction.

  3. Los Terrance Rex seems like my kind of hombre!

  4. Chris is correct, but I believe I said the other two.

    I did say, "Bring back the guy with the boner!" when Ron was pitching (and we had yet to get in his head).

  5. I just read this again. I forgot just how great it was.