Monday, March 12, 2007


I am now a member of the Bloggeratti.

This weekend while perusing a local dumpster I happened across an old copy of Newsweek from 2002 that touted Web Logs as the next big thing. I've been referred to countless times as the "Sam Boyd of the Internet," so it's only natural that I have a Web Log of my own.

I'm still getting settled in here. I've re-arranged the colors and layout to my liking. What do you think? I want this to be pleasing to the senses. Personally I find it very refreshing, like splashing mouthwash over your face on a cool spring morn.

I could use this opportunity to tell you about myself, but I think I'd rather let things move organically. Read this enough and you'll get to know me, I'm certain.

I haven't decided on the focus of this blog yet. Perhaps at some point it will become clear. In the meantime I will be auditioning several different styles of blog. Let me know what you think.

For example, maybe I could get all political on you. "This administration, what a joke! Am I right?" That's totally something I could say.

Or maybe I'll tell you about all the awesome obscure bands I know like Death Cab for Cutie, because I'm hip like that. Or I could take you on a trip down memory lane (depending on how old you are and the strength of your memory) and we could talk about Guns n' Roses for a while. Or I could take a more grammatical approach and ask if it's proper to start three sentences in a row with the word "or."

Since I am the center of attention in my own life, I can only assume that everything that happens to me, no matter how seemingly banal, is actually obscenely important. You want to know about my life, and you want to know now. In that vein, guess what I had for breakfast today? It was Rice Krispies. One bowl. This was about 10:07am. I ate it while standing up in my kitchen. I also had a large stein of coffee in a Tiki mug that my cousin brought me from Hawaii. I got her a discount on a hotel room, which I am more than happy to do as long as I am presented with gifts in return. Oh, I feel you should also know that today I am wearing a grey dress shirt and some new pants that I'm pretty happy about. Come to think of it I could probably spend a whole week talkin' pants. It's a subject that really riles up my blood. In fact I may have to change the name of this blog to Talkin' Pants.

Speaking of blog names, what does this name mean? The First Couple of Outer Space? That's a mystery that may be revealed over time.

A few other things you can definitely expect to see here: my personal tales of wonder and adventure from the darkest corners of the earth (with photo accompaniment!), maybe some short fiction, maybe some intensely personal confessions, maybe some general nonsense.

I hope you're excited about this as I am. Tell all your friends.

- B


  1. YAY!!!!!!! I thought this day would never come. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

  2. No seriously, I mean more about pants NOW.

  3. yahoo. I vote for some intensely personal confessions. Ready.....go!

  4. Yes, some intensely personal conversations about PANTS!!!

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