Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The following is a list of characters I encountered during a recent trip to the store

-The Oblivious Polygamist
-The Whorebot
-Coach Headbutt, the Fast-Motion Man (an accomplished gum-chewer)
-The Armless Lesbian
-White Sweatpants and Fringy Leather Jacket Lady Who Needs Sunglasses
-Nervous Young Couple Buying Prophylactics
-Hamburger Lecter


  1. you went to Wallie World didn't you? I always say that the people at Walmart must live there because I never see them anywhere else in the city - except maybe the state fair.

  2. Yep, difinitely Wallmart.

    Or at the very least, K-Mart

    (the big K-Mart)

  3. Neigh, it was Albertson's, but it was on a Sunday. The weirdos come out on Sundays.

  4. *Shudder* Sunday shoppers *shudder*

    You of course are the exception, Mr. B. Unless you were going as open collared hairy chest man as you oft enjoy. If that be the case, I award you an honorary *shudder*.

  5. I know most of these. *shudder* indeed. but "oblivious polygamist" is eluding me. might you elaborate further? the polygamist part i understand. at least i think so. Big Love and such. you know.

  6. The Obli-Poly was a polygamist looking girl that nearly ran me over three times. She had a distant look in her eyes, as if she had spotted a bird on the horizon and was trying to figure out if it was a bald eagle.