Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Today the corporate bigwigs are in town so I'm wearing a tie. It's a black and grey number that a friend brought me from Florence.

We were urged to look professional today, but I don't look professional at all. I look like the punk-ass manager of a local Walgreens. The guy that says "Breaks are fifteen minutes, Ilene!" The guy that moseys up to the cash register when you're trying to return an ill-fitting pair of flip flops and furiously punches in a series of numbers with one hand and jingles his keys with the other, all the while Ilene standing there helplessly giving you a look that says "It will just be another minute." The guy that has the ends of his hair bleached because he's so cool and casual and it's not like Walgreens is his whole life it's just a job man, but still gives Ilene a firm lecture when she's wearing her nametag in the wrong place.

Yep. I look like that guy.

1 comment:

  1. I totally have a thing for the Walgreens guys. He really knows how to get things done!