Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Existential Crisis

This weekend I was playing guitar and suddenly I started hitting all the wrong notes. At first I was all "drmh drmh drmh drmh drmh drmh" but then I was like "dunrn dunrn dunrnrrnr clank."

I looked down and it turns out my hand was fading away. I pulled out an old picture of myself that I keep in my pocket and I was fading away in the picture too.

I read in a medical journal that when that happens you're supposed to go back in time and make sure that your parents meet up, so that's what I did.

Though it wasn't easy and ended up taking up most of my weekend, I made sure that my folks got together at the big High School dance. It wasn't until I returned to the present that I realized my mistake. My parents didn't know each other in High School. They met in their mid-20s. I mean, duh.

Everything seems okay though. I don't think my misguided tampering with the very fabric of time and space has caused any long term problems, except now I speak with a thick Canadian accent and I'm really into popcorn, which is weird.


  1. b - did you see the time machine that was advertised on ebay for sale last year???

  2. Oh, I remember it alright. Stupid thing didn't work at all.