Friday, August 3, 2007

They run and hide their heads

Ever gotten your hair cut by a woman that looks like the squeeky voiced midget from Poltergeist? Ever have her start crying in the middle of it? Crying because she's talking about the movie 300? All the while your old co-worker, the one that drove into a building in order to run over her husband, stares at you from the waiting area?

Well I have. But that was only my second most exciting adventure from last night. The first most exciting is the Monsoon I was caught in on my way home from work.

Early in the drive I noticed dark, ominous clouds on the Southern horizon. Figured we were in for some rain and cool weather, which would be a nice change of pace from the sweltering summer heat. Not five minutes later it had started to drizzle. Then next thing I know rain is coming down in sheets, and trees are whipping and bending every which way. Eventually visibility got so bad that I couldn't see anything, so I pulled over.

Then I remembered my windshield wipers. Coincidentally I had pulled over right into my parking lot. Who knew?

I don't think these pictures capture it, but it was the most rain I have ever seen in my life. I stood there under the corrugated metal carport for a while but the too-close lightning strikes were freaking me out so I hopped back in the car and sat there. Is it true that during a thunderstorm you're safest in the car, or is that just a myth?

Finally I worked up the gumption to go inside. I didn't run because I didn't want to look like a spaz, but the time I got inside my clothes were completely soaked.
Look at the view from my balcony!

This used to be the volleyball court! Okay not really, it's just a stream but it's normally way smaller than this. You'll just have to trust me.

Twenty minutes later all was clear, and I went to get a haircut as the rain evaporated into ghosts.


  1. I hope you at least said hi to your coworker...who tried to run over her husband on my birthday. Excellent pictures as always sir.

  2. WOW! That is a lot of water. I was prepared to scoff a bit, like "Hon, you don't even KNOW monsoons" but turns out that really IS a lot of water. Glad you didn't float away.

  3. I find windscreen wipers aren't as usefull as driving really fast (which blows said raid off windscreen).

    And yes, your car is the safest place to be in a thunderstorm, except whent eh lightning hits the gas tank, which hardly ever happens.