Monday, August 27, 2007


Conversation overheard at the 7-11 on Friday night:

Denim Micro-Skirt Girl: "Hey you! You need a haircut!"

Bullet Bike Enthusiast: "You need a haircut... maybe a ... buzz cut."

Denim Micro-Skirt Girl: "Ahahahahahahahahahah!"

Bullet Bike Enthusiast: "I thought you were coming in to use the bathroom."

Denim Micro-Skirt Girl: "Yeah, but I didn't."

Bullet Bike Enthusiast is unsure of which convenience-store-bathrooms-are-dirty joke to use: "Why? They clean them every two hours. Or like, every fifteen days."

Then Daniel bought me a Twix and a Coke. Why were these snacks necessary? For a special screening of The Transporter 2 at The Bud.

The Bud is where three of my friends live. It's one of those bachelor houses like you see in the movies but I'd never really experienced until these guys moved there.

Here's what you need to know about The Transporter 2:

Also, this dialogue [SPOILER ALERT!]

"I'm afraid this flight has been cancelled."
"I'm afraid you have been cancelled!"
(fisticuffs ensue)

The DVD also had a blooper real, which was about 90 seconds of two guys messing up their dialogue. Wacky!

I gotta say, I should someday hope to be half as cool as Jason Statham.

The Bud now has a Super Nintendo installed, which is a nice feature. Let the record show that as of press time I am the Tecmo Bowl '95 Champion of The Bud.

Saturday afternoon I had food from The Greek Souvlaki for the third time in a week. Their Gyro is the best in town and the only one I'll eat. At the moment I am completely addicted to them.

After that satisfying meal I went to the airport to pick up my friends (Andy&Cherie, Scott, and Emily, for those keeping score at home) who have been vacationing in Europe for over two weeks. They had a good time but by the looks of things they were pretty tired by the end.

Okay ya got me, that's not really them.

It was great to see everyone again. I desperately want to go to Paris now. They brought me back a bottle of cherry liqueur that is only made in Croatia. It's a neat little bottle, which is great because I collect interesting bottles (ask me about my absinthe sometime!)

(note: just because I'm holding a bottle of alcohol does not qualify this as a myspace picture)


  1. The friends are back and the Blogger is back. Don't think you were fooling anyone with those one picture, one sentence blogs you were trying to pass off. You checked out on us, man. Although you did manage to garner a few responses :)

    Reminded me of the Family Circus comic strip guy who starts drawing with his left hand, pretending his 6 yr. old son took over whilst he vacationed.

    Welcome back, B!

  2. We should get together de la weekend fiesta sometime. That is fun. We will have fun.

  3. If there's one thing I set out to do, it's remind people of Family Circus. Mission accomplished!

    Esteban, uh... sure. I'll give you call sometime. Don't worry that I don't have your number, I'll figure it out.