Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wordless Tuesday

I think this picture accurately sums up how I feel today.

If you need help interpreting the picture, the smashed rocks represent my hopes and dreams. The stick is my job. The jeans are society. The shirtless torso represents my "check engine" light. The grey sky is a metaphor for the blue sky. The grassy field represents my hunger for food and respect and creativity (but really mostly for food). The belt is this blog, and the flat horizon is craigslist I think.

See? Worth a thousand words.


  1. what does the chest hair represent?

  2. Ah, very observant! The chest hair represents that picture of me with the sunglasses and the leather jacket, which in turn represents days gone by.

  3. B, unless you've SHAVED your chest, the days gone by can still be here ... unless the chest hair in the metaphorical photo represents the leather jacket specifically, in which case it's totally days gone by because, you know, SUMMER now.

    I am not deep enough for this blog post of yours, I think.

  4. what about the lines on the rock... they look too important not to represent something.

  5. They represent the lyric from that Aerosmith song: "All these liiiiiines in muh face gettin' clearuh."