Monday, January 14, 2008

one eleven one twelve one thirteen

Hello. Weekend went by way too fast. I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. Or, if I don't finish writing this tonight, I really don't want to be at work today. Either way, the answer to the question is "hardly workin'."

Friday was Emily's birthday. JenP and I planned a little get together. Well, my planning was limited to saying "Yeah, good idea."

Why is Emily so happy?

Maybe the donut cake?

Maybe the present that I wrapped myself?

Inside that tin foil was a tiny Sawyer, from Lost.

I have a Kate of my own, so maybe sometime we'll get together and play in the sand.

We watched a little Friday Night Lights on JenP and Mark's fancy tv.

I wish Coach Taylor was my coach. Sometimes I just don't know whether to pass or to run.

Then we watched Barton Fink. One of the Coen's finest, creepy and funny as hell.

Afterward, out into the cold blue night.

Saturday me n' Chris tried to go to the military antique store but it isn't open on Saturdays. Looking through the window, it seemed like they had some cool stuff. We went to a pawnshop instead where a blue guitar caught my eye. The thing is, I already have a guitar, and it's way nicer. Having two guitars is fine, IF you actually play one of them.

After that we ventured into the wasteland.

Remember the Crazy Store I talked about back on Ridiculous Purchase Adventure Day? Probably not. Here, I'll quote from it:

What if I told you there was a store. A store where you could buy batteries, DVD copies of The Matrix Revolutions, cases of Shasta, almost expired canned goods, teethpaste, Nicaraguan basketball jerseys, floppy disks, giant novelty scissors, a Brett Favre autographed photo, a porcelain statue of Moses (next to a porcelain statue of Mr. Spock), a set of Presidential pocket knives, a wooden carving of a nude woman's torso, and a sky-blue Western cut suit with Ostrich-skin epaulets? Would you believe me that such a store exists? Well it does.

This time I had my camera. Here's the Bible, starring Barry Gibb.

Spock was no longer next to Moses, but I guess the Fantastic Four next to Ganesh is the next best thing.

A noble lion.

A noble wizard.

If those don't inspire you to join the Crusades...

What... is... it?

The good news is that it's on clearance for only $599.95. Here, look at it again.

Makes this seem like a much better value.

It's either Bob Dylan or Doctor Who.

A portrait on a blanket? Whoever heard of such a thing?

We'll end this little journey with a taste of erotica.

Can you spot the irony here?

Saturday night I spent a little bit of time at the hospital. Why?

a) none of your business
b) I wasn't the one in need of hospitalization
c) I think everything is going to be okay

This hospital is a brand new state of the art facility, but more importantly it's conveniently located behind the "show" club.

I was busy on Sunday but not much worth talking about. Good night.


  1. Looks like a fun weekend. Jessica Alba next to another diety though, really isn't that ironic. I did dig the BeeGees Bible though.

  2. I wish I wouldn't have missed Emily's party.

  3. I sooo need to go to bed already. But damn you for posting the donut cake. I seriously just stared at it for I don't even know how long. Oh wow. It looks sooooooooo good.

    Also, another really cool pic of Emily.

    Also, donuts.