Friday, January 4, 2008

What to look forward to in 2008

This new year is going to bring some exciting changes to Microsuede!

Nah, not really. It'll just be more of the same old crap.

"Sigh," said Microsuede Girl, resting her chin on her hand.


  1. B! Just who is this Microsuede Girl?

  2. Microsuede Girl is the name I've given to the girl in that picture leaning against the wall looking bored. Also she's in the picture in the logo, that's her facing away from us. At least, let's just pretend that it's the same girl.

    Apologies to Edward Hopper.

  3. Is she soft, yet durable? Does she clean up nice? She seems sort of blue.

  4. Ah, the Microsuede girl...

    Such a gentile and lovely creature.

    Sometimes I come to this blog just to be near her.

  5. Bryton made a nice (water?) color pencil tribute to this particular Hopper. It hangs now in some illustrious hall, I am told.

    I don't think she's bored so much as contemplative. She's in her own thoughts somewhere, albeit in a boring setting. She's using the downtime wisely. Perhaps she's wondering if that self-portrait of B you see above, will ask her to marry him.