Monday, January 28, 2008


Hello! I had a great weekend. It was very artsy. What about you? Snow's coming. Big storm heading up from L.A. The media is calling it "massive," but I don't know if I believe those jokers in the media. Today (Sunday) was bleak. So was Friday. I hate partially cloudy days! I want either skies of blue or a full grey dome of clouds. None of this non-committal grey-blue mumbo-jumbo.

UPDATE: It's now Monday morning, and the snowstorm is here, and it is massive. When I woke up the sky was blue. Driving to work an hour later I couldn't see more than ten yards ahead.

It's supposed to keep snowing until 6am tomorrow. I'm worried that I might get trapped at work. I bought everything out of all the vending machines so that I will be the King once we descend into chaos.


Friday there was the monthly office potluck. I don't remember the theme. I dislike the office potluck and afterward I felt like I deserved a break so Gatsby and I went out adventuring. First we checked out the ruins of old bohemian Sugarhouse.

Then we went to Graywhale where I found about a dozen records I wanted to get. Ended up with Stars - In Our Bedroom After the War. Great album. After that we stopped by a gallery to see work by a locally bred artist named Lindsay Frei. I really like her stuff. Especially these pieces:

Someone should buy these and give them to me. Seriously, you've been reading this blog for free for almost a year now. It's time to start giving back.

Friday night was Crafts Night. Remember that from a couple weeks ago? Not much crafts happening this time. Sort of inspired by Lindsay Frei, I drew this:

Still needs a lot of work., but so far I'm happy with it.

My friend Erin made some cool stuff out of paper.

Late into the night the Craft Party stragglers went to Dee's circa 1986.

Someone jokingly suggested downing a shot of syrup, and some idiot thought it would be a good idea.

Two other fellas did it too but it took me the longest. I guess I should be embarrassed by that? Anyway, gross. Have you ever swallowed a tiny carafe of lukewarm maple syrup? It's pretty horrible. Like drinking... lukewarm maple syrup.

Do you pronounce it "sir-up" or "seer-up"? I pronounce it sir-up.

Saturday was a great day, and it was also clear and sunny and warm. Saw a Sundance flick called Fear(s) of the Dark. It's a collection of animated shorts from France. So creepy. And when I say "so creepy" I mean like, really really really creepy. It was pretty awesome. Like nothing I've ever seen before.

Went for Sushi at Ichiban, which was a good choice. That's my favorite sushi place. Almost didn't make it there due to an impulsive decision based solely on convenience. Luckily I was talked out of it.

Across from Ichiban is a grafitti house called the 337 Project. It's a building set to be torn down in April but in the meantime it's a canvas for grafitti artists. I wish I'd taken pictures but had forgotten my camera. Maybe I'll head over there on my lunch break one of these days.

Saturday night I got all hopped up on coffee and saw Gone Baby Gone. Good movie. I've always liked Casey Affleck but didn't realize he could be such a convincing badass. Oh! Oh! And Omar from the Wire had a small role in it (see previous post). When he showed up I couldn't help but shout "Omar!"

Morgan Freeman was in it too. I don't think he should be in any more movies. Sure, he's one of the finest actors of this or any generation, but he's just gotten too Morgan Freemany.

Not much going on Sunday. Watched Orangutan Island, listened to my new record, and worked on the neverending basement cleaning project at my mother's house. In doing so I found a slap bracelet. Remember those? I think they were big in... 1991. Yeah that's right. In 5th grade the class did a Secret Santa thing and I drew this girl Madi's name. Everyone was all "Ew, Madi!" but I actually had a big crush on her, as did all the other boys. I gave her a pair of slap bracelets that I bought at some store upstairs at the Cottonwood Mall. Fascinating. Anyway, slap bracelet!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend...and I my pronunciation is sizz-urp. Always goes down smooth.

  2. My first thought when I saw that last picture and before I read the words was that this was going to be a post about shadow puppets. I bet there is such a thing as saucy shadow puppets.

  3. Slap bracelets are so awesome.

    That snowstorm was WICKED awesome.

    I live right around the corner from Ichiban!

  4. Oh my crap, is (was) that really Sugarhouse? I'm going to have to go drive by next time I come to visit. I swear all of SL has been razed since I moved away, I hardly recognize the place.

    That Lindsay Frei girl is awesome, I would KILL to have one of those in my house. I like your sketch too. I hope you'll show us the finished product. How fun that you have crafts nights.

    I'm on the verge of throwing up after reading about your sir-up (that's how I say it too) shots. Gross.

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