Monday, January 7, 2008

one-four through one-six oh eight

Well let's get on with this eh? The first "real" post of 2008. Year got off to kind of a bumpy start. For one thing, I haaate New Year's Eve. I always have. This year's was fine. Watched a good basketball game, went to a party where there was awkward dancing (not by me) and good company. The next morning I woke up with literally the worst headache I have ever had in my life. No joke. I did absolutely nothing to earn that, unless it was some form of cosmic retribution. If it was cosmic retribution I didn't learn my lesson because I don't know what it was for.

New Year's Day got better though. Ready for some food porn?

Danish Abelskiver. Mmmmmm.

Friday night I helped the Wests make tacos, which is to say I incompetently grated the cheese. Then I was off to a craft party at Michelle and Elin's house. It was a lot of people sitting around doing various arts and crafts. It was really fun actually. I drew this ape. His patience is wearing thing. Also I haven't quite learned how to draw hands yet.

What, you're calling me a liar? You think I actually drew this ape before the party, and drew a different ape there but don't want to show it because it's not very good? How dare you?

Here's some more arts I've done recently.

Anyway, more food porn. This stuff was so good I really regret waiting until there was only one piece left to partake. I could have had at least 1/6th of this pan. It's a Canadian dish called _______. I don't remember what it's called, but I'm positive that it's an Inuit word.

Saturday morning I had some friends in town from San Francisco. They brought along their newly minted child, Ella. Cool shoes.

Upon returning home I spied evidence of ducks.

Saturday night I sat quietly.
Sunday night I found myself embroiled in a bitter controversy at the grocery store. My Eggos had a $1 off coupon. Tiny Bagger handed it to Goatee'd LAN-Gamer Checker. He rudely set it aside and said "expired." Then 1968 John Lennon Checker chimed in.

"Try it anyway," he said.

"I was told if we take any expired coupons we would be fired."

"You didn't know it was expired."

"But the manufacturer won't see it that way."

"Just try it. It'll save him a buck," said Tiny Bagger

"It's not your job to check if they're expired or not," cajoled 1968 John Lennon Checker.

Goatee'd LAN-Gamer was flustered. I said that I didn't want anyone getting fired over a dollar but I was ignored.

Then I watched the Wire. Still the best show on television.


  1. I think New Years is the most ridiculous excuse for a holiday. It's ALWAYS a let down, so I've stopped celebrating. It's been quite liberating.

    That food looks delicious. Ummm...what is it exactly??

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  3. Did you finally get a job Esteban?

  4. B,

    Should we share our extra special secret recipe?

    Hint: It's crepe-like in flavor, but round like an apple (abel). Dusted with powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar or drowning in jam. Or all three... mmmmm

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  6. Hey that es no mi. Mi es hablaing better habla than that.

  7. Nevermind Esteban. He's an idiot.

    Your art is coming along nicely. Keep it up!

  8. Oh, sorry. I just realized that the other guy already said that.

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  10. those look like Inuit for brownies.

    Perhaps they are not Inuit brownies, but you know what this makes me want?

    This makes me want brownies.