Wednesday, January 23, 2008


- Sea monkeys are the most disappointing kind of monkey.

- Food has a way of rolling away from me. Especially round food.

- When I watch the Wire while ironing I call it Wironing.

- Whenever tv characters are talking about baseball one of them says "What they really need is pitching."

- Haircut dialogue:

"Do you know who Eddie Murphy is?"

"Yeah, of course."

(with reverence)
"He's a good man."


  1. Eddie Murphy is a good man. Every baseball team needs pitching. How about Silverback Gorillas? You spend an hour carefully surveying their back while they sleep...not ONE OUNCE of silver. It's all shavings anyway.

  2. What about Rolo's? I bet Rolo's roll TO you. I bet it's just one of those things.

  3. Did you know that sea monkeys aren't actually monkeys?

    They're apes.