Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday, Live Blogging

Late last night I had a sort of panic attack. I realized that I have no new material for this blog. I had nothing to post today, and I couldn't foresee a time other than on the Monday weekend report where I would have anything to say.

So let's try this live blogging thing again.

It was so cold this morning. The commute was miserable. I'm all sorts of layered, but the cold mocked my defenses.

Stopped for McDonald's iced coffee on the way in. I may be addicted. Please do not question my logic, complaining about the cold while sipping a chilled beverage.

So here's something that sucks. I've lost the earbuds for my ipod. This is terrible. I can't concentrate on the internet unless I can shut out the outside world. I don't want to hear the uninformed old ladies at work talking about politics all day. I just can't do it.

I've just been informed that at 5pm one of the corporate bigwigs will be visiting with me. I'll save all my work until then so they can see how good I am at working.

UPDATE 1206pm. The old ladies are done talking politics and are now planning a trip to Red Lobster as though it were the invasion of Normandy. Life is too complicated.

I've only been here an hour but I think it's time for my lunch break already. Big day for me. I got a hot tip about some jeans that fell off a truck and I intend to capitalize on this.

Suddenly it's very quiet around here. That makes me nervous. When it's quiet it's harder for me to sneak out.

I had a dream the other night where I got in a fight with one of the bosses because she was being racist. I called her out for being racist and then she was going to get me fired. Now I have a hard time dealing with her in real life. Even though as far as I know she's not really racist. Maybe she is. Probably.

Alright, I'm getting out of here. When next you see me I will be owning some new jeans, hopefully.

UPDATE 309pm: I'm back. I'm really very irritable right now. I found some jeans though. So that's nice. The office is quiet. I'm hungry and I'm going to eat some olives. Olives are my favorite snack but I only eat them once a year. Well that's all gonna change in 2008, I tell you.

Hey, is this ironic? It feels ironic.

Really wish I could listen to my ipod.

UPDATE 444pm: Well, this is boring. Want to see what I look like right now?

IMPORTANT UPDATE 506pm: The Office Creepy Guy just walked past, paused, turned to me and said "My tummy gassy."

UPDATE: 623pm. The corporate bigwig is gone. I'm embarrassed because I didn't realize how much of a bigwig she was. She's like the second biggest wig in the company. I think our meeting went well though. I'm going to start checking out DC real estate because I can only assume I'll be offered a job at the HQ.

FINAL UPDATE 1136pm: At Little Caesars I saw a mean looking old guy with an eye-patch. Also Rock n' Roll High School is a pretty great movie. "we'renotstudentswe'retheramones."

Good night.


  1. Iced coffee in the middle of winter? That's like reading a book about monkeys while the monkey show is on. Just don't make no sense.

  2. So wait, is that a puppy or a very small polar bear?

  3. I really like this live blogging stuff, although your ironic picture made me homesick. It's practically within spitting distance of my house. :(

  4. Ooh, I'll admit it, I didn't read the entire blog homesick tears were clouding the text, so I'm commenting again.

    You might as well sell a kidney and maybe even pledge your first born if you're planning on a move to DC. It's crazy EXPENSIVE out here.

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