Saturday, January 19, 2008

Live Blogging on a Saturday

Saturday, 7am, at work. Cold; tired; no reason to be alive; substandard zeal.

On the way in I saw a guy inside a place called Chicken Express, silhouetted by a huge fire of chicken. It was very dramatic looking and I'd've taken a picture if I hadn't been running late.

Usually on Saturdays I go Wikipedia surfing. Start with one topic and just follow the links, riding that wave all day. Might do that today too. I already know I'm going to be looking up articles on Fatalism, Determinism, and the HBO series Carnivale. I'm also going to be doing research on the Lost Rhoades Mine of the Uintah Mountains. After that, time will tell.

I wanted to bring my laptop and start watching Season 4 of The Wire but the manager today wouldn't be down with that.

I got an e-mail from a guy named Jerald Curl. Get it?

Ahhhhhh geez. There's a huge problem brewing here at work involving a computer glitch and yada yada yada I could potentially be talking to a lot of angry people today.

I have committed to spending a solid hour working today. From 900-1000 I'm going to take care of this pile of mail and catch up on my e-mails. We'll see how that goes.

Alright, I'll be back later.

UPDATE: alright, it's 9am. Time to work. My stack of mail is currently five inches high.

UPDATE: 930am. My ex-girlfriend just called. Awkward. Haven't really spoken to her in about a year and half. She didn't call me per se, y'see she works for a different department and called my office for business purposes. Like I said, awkward. I tried extra hard to play it cool. I think I said "right on" and "no problem" a dozen times each.

UPDATE: 1000am. I have accomplished about 1/3rd of what I expected. I shall continue working until satisfied.

UPDATE: 1021am. Papercut!

UPDATE: 1050am. I sure like Obama.

Obama chastised Clinton for trying to make an issue of the fact he admitted at a recent debate he is at times disorganized, and mocked both Clinton and John Edwards for what they offered as their "weaknesses."
"I said, 'Well, I don't hang on to paper really well. My desk is a mess, so you know I need people to help me filing and keeping on schedule and things like that,'" he told a raucous crowd in Las Vegas. "And so my two colleagues — Sen. Edwards says um, 'My biggest weakness is I'm just so passionate about poor people and helping them,' and then Hillary says, ‘My biggest weakness is I'm so impatient to bring about real change in America.'"
"Now, I didn't, nobody had clued me in, that ya know, see, if I had gone last I would have said 'My biggest weakness? I like to help old ladies across the street,"

UPDATE: 1101am. I'm going to go take on a nap on the nice couch in the lobby. I'm zipping my hoodie tight because I don't want any part of my body to actually touch the couch.

UPDATE: 1157am. I was gone longer than I'd planned. I feel more alert now though.

UPDATE: 1218pm. People can be so unreasonable sometimes.

UPDATE: 1244pm. I don't mean unreasonable in the way that Matt Murdock is unreasonable, I mean unreasonable in the way that Senator Joe McCarthy was unreasonable.

UPDATE: 1245pm. I have no idea what that Joe McCarthy thing is supposed to mean.

UPDATE: 116pm.

"Are you ready to write this down?"
"Sure am."
"Okay, it's B-R-Y-"
"Hang on let me get a pen."

UPDATE: 126pm. My right hand is ice cold, but my left hand is fine. Am I dying?

UPDATE: 216pm. Really nothing going on right now.

UPDATE: 301pm. I think I should like to be a photographer. I'm also considering buying a new shirt.

UPDATE: 324pm. I am now talking to the most frazzled human I have ever spoken to.

FINAL UPDATE: 331pm. Alright jerks, my workday is done. Tune in Monday when I repeat everything I've said here, but in past tense.


  1. The realtime updates are great. You're there till 3, right? I think you should make a whole workday of them. The "work" part of that term being used loosely, of course.

  2. It seems like you're getting a lot done. Go check out how many irate people have commented on my tiger post. I'm so controversial! If you link that article on CNN to your blog, they'll post it in their "what the blogs are saying" section and you'll get comments like, "I hope you never have kids." It's exciting! Are you going to that party tonight? I have a small present for you from England.

  3. I can't wait to watch my blog traffic skyrocket when CNN finally does a story about Hot n' Ready pizzas or neon signs.

    Kristen's party? Yeah, Chris just told me about it. Barring severe weather I should be there. A present? Neato! Thanks.

  4. B- The Internet has been a bore today. If only I had found this sooner. Next time you work on a Saturday, we should have some kind of correspondence via our blogs.
    And, that Obama quote was cha-ching.

    Cindy- No present for this? I'll be there too.

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