Friday, October 19, 2007

the special aka

Someone in South Africa found my blog today by googling "free pictures of bathrooms." The search took them to this entry. Apartheid may be over, but they still have to pay for pictures of bathrooms. That's something we take for granted here in America.

Speaking of America, how about some good old fashioned Americana? Remember when I used to post neon all the time? Here's a couple of good ones.

These were taken in St. George, Utah. It was a cold night last year and me and the gang decided to take a last minute trip to the Vegas. We pulled into St. George around 1am and I was dazzled by these motels, which I'd not seen before. That ended up being one of the funnest weekends of my whole life. Also on the way there I bought my blue velvet jacket, which as I've mentioned before, is awesome.

The reason I bring up St. George is because tomorrow night I'll be heading down there for the weekend. Just to hang. Should be fun. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.


  1. That was a good fuckin weekend.

  2. Disclaimer: This is not the same "anonymous" that doesn't use that kind of language! (on public forums anyway)

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