Thursday, October 4, 2007

things I am not good at

1. Getting there on time
2. Billiards
3. Roller Skating
4. Going to bed
5. Singing
6. Frugality
7. Video Games
8. Caring about my job
9. Growing a beard
10. Not getting winded when doing light physical activity
11. Remembering my Paypal password

I'm sure there's more.


  1. I think you're being too negative. You need to post one positive thing for every negative thing you've said.

  2. 1 through 6... snap.
    also 10.

    and br... you can think of that many positives? impressive.

  3. I thought you said #1 was going to be singing. You must have gotten good at it since your last comment. maybe because of karaoke?

  4. Singing was going to be #1 but then I did some accapella work in the shower and sounded great, so it moved down on the list a bit.