Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ford tough

Alright Suedeheads, I know you've all been closely following the saga of my unregistered car (Betty). The buzz has been deafening. The story has come to an end, so I thought I'd offer some resolution. But first, recap.

August 20 - Betty's check engine light comes on.

August 31 - current registration expires. can't register until inspected, can't pass inspection if check engine light is on.

Sept 1-29 - general lament.

Sept 29 - take it to Autozone, determine cause of check engine light. while I'm at it, replace a fuse.

Sept 30 - Oct 15 - general lament.

Oct 15 - two parking tickets. Make a vow to get the problem taken care of, asap.

Oct 16-19 - general lament.

Oct 19 - apartment manager calls. if car not registered within 24 hours, will be towed. not allowed to park there until registered.

Oct 19, 3pm-5pm - try to get everything taken care of. unsuccessful.

Oct 19 - 21 - go to St. George.

Oct 22 - repairs made. check engine light shut off. also got new spark plugs.

Oct 22 - call every emissions/inspection place in town, trying to find one open past 7pm

Oct 22 - find one. Anytime Emissions.

Oct 22 - car does not pass. as it happens, when certain repairs are made, like say, the check engine light, it takes a while for certain electronic diagnostic systems to reset.

Oct 23 - return to same place. guy plugs a thing into the thing. this time I pass. Hooray! maybe.

Oct 23 - pull out of Anytime Emissions, immediately pulled over by a cop with a moustache. explain that I am literally on my way to register having just passed inspection. doesn't seem to believe me? gives me a ticket.

Oct 23 - go to register the car online, already says "failed" due to last night's failed inspection. call the DMV, they say there's no way to fix it other than hope that the website updates itself, which it might not.

Oct 23 - severe lament

Oct 23 - check website again, it has updated! print temporary registration and glue it in the back window.

Oct 24 - pay all outstanding citations.

The moral of the story: Officer Park has a dumb looking moustache.


  1. Congratulations B!!! Betty's a good girl and I'm glad that you could her registered and legal-like.

  2. None of this would have happened if you'd taken care of it BEFORE Aug. 20th, like I told you to! Yes, I did. I said, "You're going to want to get this taken care of so you can have your decal back before Aug. 31st." But noooo.

    (had to rub it in)

  3. Well now you're just not making sense.

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