Monday, October 22, 2007

Viva San Jorge

Oh hello. I'm just busy working. Working at my job. Allow me a moment while I take as sip of Energy Drink. [Shudder] Mmmm, delicious. You can really taste the Riboflavin.

I mentioned Friday that I would be spending the weekend in St. George. Those words are as true now as they were then. Friday started with me calling in sick to work, feeling a nauseous hangover I didn't deserve as I'd committed no hangoverable offenses, aside from eating a microwaved hamburger the night before. I was finally roused from my stupor thanks to a call from my apartment manager telling me that since my car was unregistered it would be towed within 24 hours, and I wasn't allowed to park there with expired plates. Well that's a drag. I spent the rest of the day frantically trying to find a repair shop to fix my pesky check engine light in time for me to get it inspected before skipping town. I was unsuccessful.

I resolved to get my car taken car of Saturday in St. George (yeah right) and hit the road. I observed this sunset while refueling my troublesome vehicle.

Originally I was going to head out after work, and convinced Emily to come along with me so I wouldn't have to ride alone. The four-hour ride down was fun, if uneventful. At a gas station in Fillmore I saw a guy with a huge beard. That was kind of neat.

The reason we were going is because my friend Judy (her blog is linked over to your right) arranged to use her Aunt's vacation home. It was nice, and I guess it has a decent view.

I mean, it's okay and all.

If you're into that.

We arrived after midnight to find the rest of the gang half-sleeping and half-watching Waking Ned Devine. If naked elderly Irishmen is your thing, then I can't recommend this movie enough. After the movie everyone woke up and we ate chips and talked about our feelings all night.

The next day we went for a hike in Snow Canyon. It's very grand, and I don't think these pictures capture it's grandeur.

We found this cave and a few of us went spelunking. Not me though. I leave that to the professionals.

I was bored while waiting (hoping) that the cavers would come back, so I jabbed into this cactus and ate it's tasty green cactus goo.

(pic stolen from Carbon Copy, who is linked at your left. On her blog you will find her no doubt inaccurate version of these events)

Tasted grassy. I washed it down with some Bud light. It was warm and flat, but if there's one thing I've learned from commercials it's that men will do anything, anything, for free beer.

(I didn't really drink the cave beer)

After the canyon we went into town for lunch. No one interesting walked by, unless you count the guy in the Hannibal Lecter mask.

Saw this statue. Creepy.

So, I think maybe the cat froze to death, and that's why she's so distraught? The cat looks happy though. Maybe this big cat ate her smaller cat. I like it when cat sculptors leave their work open to interpretation.

After lunch, back to the house, where we settle in for the rest of the day. Aside from a brief hot-tubbing interlude, we spent the rest of the night watching this:

All told we watched nine episodes of Friday Night Lights. Nothing better than travelling to another city to watch tv in a different house. I'm not being sarcastic. I couldn't watch that much tv at home because I'd be all stressed thinking about other things I should be doing. But this trip was all about rest & relaxation. Good times.

Stopped at Chilis before leaving town, where I had the worst tasting glass of water I've ever had. This is interesting because any trip from Salt Lake to St. George requires that you pass through Beaver, Utah, a city whose signs boast of the best tasting water in the U.S. Someday I hope to personally verify this, and when I do you'll be the first to know, dear reader.

I did sample the best tasting red licorice in the world on the way home, Kookaburra. I didn't even like licorice, or so I thought. Probably because I'd never had anything as delicious as this before. We were also going to stop at Cache Valley Cheese for some cheese samples, but figured it was probably closed on Sunday. Also I was eager to get home. Also I hear that this particular cheese factory doesn't offer tours, and I like to tour cheese factories. Maybe that's another blog entry entirely.

Since I couldn't park at my apartment I camped out at my mom's house last night, waking up at 630am to get my car into the dealership to get some long overdue repairs. I'm happy to report that it cost less than $524. I still need to get it inspected and pay registration fees and parking tickets, so I'm looking at probably another $250. Maybe it's time to start biking everywhere.


  1. i knew you would outpost me. that's why i tried to get mine in first. although now that i think of it, i don't know why that would make a difference.

  2. I didn't hear about Freaky Dee's from just your blog! Glad you had fun in St. George, I was there about 2 weeks ago on my way to Vegas. The girl & cat statue creeps me out, too.