Tuesday, May 15, 2007

papa loves mambo

Longtime FCOS reader Caw made mention of "fruity drinks with umbrellas in them," so I thought I'd share a picture of me enjoying such a beverage. It tasted like red.

Sadly, sometimes fruity drinks lose their umbrellas, which means that somewhere someone's cocktail isn't as festive as it could be. Tragic.


  1. mmmmmm. red is delicious. almost as delicious as yellow cake.

  2. i prefer the ones that taste like yellow. they're thicker and creamier, with littly chunky bits that sometimes don't come up through the straw.

  3. och! that lonely wee brolly (umbrella) - he needs a cherry and a fluffy drink!

    actually, i rather like the ones that taste like yellow too. the red ones are a bit sickie tasting for moi and the blue ones are altogether wrong looking. i can't do green drinks either. they remind me of dentist surgeries.

    i think we used to call the yellow tasting drinks fluffy ducks. gosh. that was a long time ago in my past. i fear they were made of advocat. or "yello vok".

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