Friday, May 11, 2007


I almost forgot. Sunday is my birthday. So, y'know, feel free to praise me here.


  1. Well lookie here. It's just past midnight so it's Sunday.....
    (are there any celebration plans? Do you have to share the day with your mom? I guess since she birthed you then that makes sense)

  2. Happy birthday beyotch!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, B!! If you have a party I hope it's fun. Bobbing for apples and pin the tail on the donkey, and I also hope you get that Shrek cake you wanted.

  4. Happy B day, B.

    And happy Mothers Day, mother of B.

    I hope your goose neighbor flies away for your B day.

    That last line was for B - not mother of B. Look I am sure mother of B is a nice lady, but I just don't know her, so it would be wierd for me to get any more specific about mother of B's Mothers Day wishes.

    Though for B's sake, I hope she has a nice one.

    Was that last comment from Sean "Puffy" Combs?

    I think I am drunk again.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Happy birthday B!!!

    As a great luggage salesman once said, "May you leave to be a thousand years old."

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