Friday, May 18, 2007

Can music save your mortal soul?

Last time I mentioned an album and the memories associated with it. There are a few other songs that bring up memories, but in a strange twist they're memories that haven't happened yet.

I've always wanted to kiss a girl while the Smashing Pumpkins song "Tonight, Tonight" plays in the background. In particular the part where it crescendos during the chorus.

believe in me
drum drum drum drum drum drum drum


drnh, DRNH, drnh

By sheer chance I actually did this once, and it was way disappointing. Not nearly as cinematic as I thought it would be.

My next goal is to kiss a girl during the "Oooooh ooh ooooh" part of the song "Bleeding Heart Show" by the New Pornographers. If I ever finish writing my novel the characters in the book are going to do this, so that I can accomplish this by proxy.

I also want to dance with a girl to "Age of Consent" by New Order (possibly the best song ever). Also we're both silhouettes, like in an ipod commercial. (see below)

This one is going to be tricky. For one thing, where am I going to find that girl? Furthermore, I still haven't figured out a way to turn myself into a silhouette. The psychedelic background is doable, but it would be such a hassle that it would take a lot of the spontaneity out of it.

My last music/romance goal involves the song "Please Let That Be You" by The Rentals. We sort of broke up, and she's at a party with all her shallow snobby friends, and I'm hanging out with my idiot friends that are just holding me back. She half-heartedly drinks a champagne toast to her newly engaged friend, I half-heartedly chug a beer because wtf man. Both of us keep checking our phones hoping that the other has called. Finally we leave our respective parties and meet on the lawn of the mansion where we embrace and even though the sprinklers come on and soak us we don't even care.

I'm gonna go get some lunch now.


  1. You are my fave and I love you.

  2. If you can get a girl to dance with you to Age of Consent (silhouette or no silhouette), you will know that that girl is THE ONE - because that song really is possibly the best song ever.

    And hopefully, if and when this happens, the special gal has reached the age of consent.

    ...or else you may find yourself dancing with a fella to Jail House Rock.

  3. i thought girls were the only ones who made up scenarios like this. i really really want to kiss someone right at the yearning guitar break in "Vapour Trail" by Ride. Which is actually riiiight up there for best song ever.

  4. Hi K8! Thanks for stopping by. I'll have to check out that song.

    I do, however, want to take this opportunity to point out that I am all man.

    Gats - you are correct.

    Sugarcube - even more than Millsap?