Wednesday, October 8, 2008

your heart will attack you and probably kill you

This blog. It's falling apart man. I don't even pretend to keep a regular schedule anymore. I meant to update last night but I fell asleep while watching this terrible show where two old guys (one waaaaaaaaaaaay older than the other) talked about boring stuff like the future of our civilization.

My last weekend was good. Here's a (nother) picture of the City and County Building. It was built by Freemasons so no doubt some freaky shit goes on there.

Friday night I took a mini-vacation to Ogden. J. Willard Marriott was born there, so in a lot of ways it felt like going back home.

Once again Calvin tackles the issues the mainstream candidates are afraid to take on. Dust.

I was enamored with Ogden's Historic 25th St. Can you guess why? It's cause of all the neon.

Union Station, still in use and probably once very important.

Few people realize this, but beer was invented in Ogden. Well not beer, but beer in a glass.

Too much red.

Ate at a place called the Two Bit Cafe. It had a lot of Andy Gibb memorabilia. Probably the largest collection outside of Australia. Also a lot of clocks. Ogden has more clocks per capita than any other mid-size city in Utah.

The burger took a long time, but it was outstanding. I'll have to try it again before I can rank it, but it's probably in my top seven.

The reason for the Ogden trip was to see comedy man Norm MacDonald do some of his funny business. He's responsible for one of the funniest late night talk show moments ever. If you have seven and a half minutes to spare, it's worth your time.

Good times.

I worked Saturday. I think I mentioned that on the last entry. I went for a walk on my lunchbreak to take photos that eventually I'm going to post on this other group blog. I'll tell you about it later. I saw this.

I ended up on top of the library. I think I kind of look like Herc from the Wire in this picture. That's not really a guy you want to look like. But I'm way more handsomer.

Apparently my buzzed hair is the best disguise since Clark Kent's glasses. I went to a going away party for Friend of Microsuede Dollar-Sign Teve (at my old boss Brian's house), and no one recognized me. That's okay, I didn't recognize them either. And I didn't even see Steve. Come to think of it, Brian's house looked way different from how I remember it too.

Sunday was my first day off in fourteen, and I took full advantage of it by parking on the couch and not moving for several hours. Baseball was on all day. Oh it was wonderful.

Did you know that Ken Griffey Jr. is HAUNTED?

the end


  1. haha- who knew that the SLC library is truly a place that is "free to all"

  2. O-town! My hometown. I'm going there on Friday.

  3. Reading your blog often gives me an irrepressible urge to vacation in Utah. Have you considered arranging Microsuede reality tours?

  4. I thought I saw you at Steve's party... but it turned out to be the toaster. Great conversationalist though.

  5. Conan, Andy, and Norm ll on the same stage at the same time...

    And I love how he always explains his punchlines.

  6. Right on Kat. That's the best compliment this blog could ever receive. I'll start thinking about the Microsuede reality tour.