Monday, October 27, 2008

you forgot rule number 12 of vampire hunting

I had a three day weekend, if you don't count that I worked on Saturday. My weekend was literally packed with action! Thursday night I broke from work just as the sun made it's slow creep down the western sky o'er the lone prairie. The last rays of light shone through the watchtower of the Grand America. What a grand swath of land this is.

Thursday night I did something, but I have no idea what it was. I could take a look at my notes but that feels like cheating. Whatever I did I'm sure it was grand.

Friday morning. What's this?

I donned my poker attire and made my way to a friendly high stakes game of Puerto Rican Rubdown.

Okay you got me. That's not really me playing poker, that's me acting. I was involved in a film shoot for a dramatic poker video. My character's name was "Bryton." He was a successful internet card sharp just now making the leap into the live game. As you can tell from the picture, he's a total bad ass.

Everyone had a good luck card protector thing. Mine was this little car. I fidgeted with it as though it were a computer mouse. Acting.

Good times. Big thx to Bryan for has gib me joerb.


Friday night Iris (new Microsuede character) and I went to the Urban Lounge to see a band called the Black Angels. After the show we got our picture taken with the singer.

Saturday night I went back to The Bud after a long exile. Scotty's Halloween collection has multiplied ten fold. The new centerpiece is this screaming radioactive mummy.

From supernatural to supernaturally delicious. Look at this bun. Look at it! Is it not the finest bun you have ever seen? It's flawless. Like Lake Placid on a still autumn day.

"Hey B., do you want to a show tonight? It's this French woma-"


The band is called Yelle. French electro dancy synth music.

"Solt Lek Seetee! Ahhhhh yeu rea-dy teu dahnz?"

Fortunately we were. That's probably why most of us were there.

This girl Julie. She's got stage presence. I think she has a crush on me too.

Oh wait, I've lost track of the where she went. Can someone help me out here?

Ah, thanks Mr. Alien Hands.


  1. Like 4 out loud laughs in this post. Rad. Thanks, buddy.

  2. Someday I will meet you in person. You are hella funny on your posts.

    My word verification for this comment is dispep.

  3. I just finished a blog post about French femme-pop, and what do I find here but Yelle?

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