Wednesday, October 22, 2008

does it sound like i'm ordering a pizza?

See, we have this restaurant we go to for events with the Sampson side of the family. It's a long story, involving gift certificates and tigers. But we always go there. It's called Madeline's, named after Secretary Albright.

Here's the thing about this sign...

I think it's supposed to imply that the gentleman for whom the sign applies hunts often. But really, everyone hunts on days that end in Y. I went hunting once in 1994, so I could also say that I only hunt on days that end in Y.

Here's Mikey posing with the stupid Lincoln Towncar.

I never told that story, but my car was sabotaged, probably by a Gila Monster, and needed two weeks in the shop. My insurance covered the rental but all they had was this thing. I was embarrassed to be seen in it. What am I, a seventy year old man? Plus, the luxury. Don't even get me started on the luxury of it all.

Dudes, I am soooo good at pin ball. Especially when the ball moves really slow.

I worked Saturday and Sunday and experienced technical difficulties. I was on the phone with our IT guys for hours as I ran around the building finding strategically placed bits of technology and trying to repair them using only sweat and force of will. It was a lot like Die Hard. Actually, it was exactly like Die Hard. Look at what I had to deal with?



  1. you're right. i can't even think of chain link fences without thinking of die hard.

  2. wait, also, which do you think is worse? your lincoln town car or the HHR i had to drive?

  3. I am sorry to dwell - and I realise you don't really seem like you want to talk about it, but I would love to hear the story about the gift certificates and tigers that lead to you patronising a restaraunt.

    Or actually any story you have about tigers would be great.

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