Friday, October 3, 2008


I'm still here. Sorry I haven't updated lately. Just kidding, I'm not sorry. I've just been really busy. New job and stuff. Plus all the free time I have is usually spent lifting weights (no it isn't). The good news is I don't really need to nap after work anymore. Or during work, or in the late evening. I sleep a lot. But not so much anymore, which I think is a good thing.

October! October is the best month. Right now I'm sitting in my office with the lights off (weirdo) with a great view of the Wasatch Mountains engulfed in mist. I like it. I wish I could hear the rain though. I'll have to figure that one out.

October also brings us post season baseball. The best postseason in sports. My heroic Minnesota Twins, predicted by many to finish in last place, defied the odds and made it to the pre-postseason... where they lost to the White Sox in a tie breaker game. Freaking White Sox! I hate them.

We're running about a week behind schedule here at Microsuede HQ, so let's talk about last weekend. I learned a lot. Like where Cowboys come from.

It was Gordon's 80th birthday so cowboy grub was in order. What better place for cowboy grub than a restaurant called Cowboy Grub.

Here Gordon talks about Cowboy stuff with Sean.

Now Sean is holding what can only be described as a baby. That kid is neat. He just learned how to roll over. And the baby is neat too.

When this picture was taken, I kid you not, Gordon was making an impassioned speech about his favorite actor Robert Duvall. "Now there's an actor!"

It was actually a really fun night. Gordon is rad, and dispensed plenty of folksy wisdom that really made sense.

Late night Friday I watched the Presidential debates. I didn't enjoy them as much as I thought I would. But I did get a note from my Congressman in response to my letter voicing my concerns about the economy. I love Government. Can't wait to vote.

I have an Obama sticker on my car and it's really changed my driving habits. I don't want to reflect poorly on the campaign. The other day I saw a car with Ohio plates on the freeway and I cut in front of them and drove very slowly so they could have plenty of time to see the sticker. Ohio is a battleground state after all.

Saturday night my pal Rudy was in town with his special lady pal and we hung out with some of my other pals. Great night. It's going on the year-end Best Of list for sure. We went to the Twilite Lounge. It has a great jukebox, even though it refuses to accept requests.

I think the most important thing we learned that night is that this video is the gayest thing that's ever been filmed.
Bruce Springsteen - Dancin' in the Dark

Sunday was unseasonably warm. I was at work. By the way I've now worked 14 days straight. My own fault though. One job gave me days off and I stupidly went to my other job. I should really only be having one job. I don't need two.

I enjoyed a break at Library Square and ate some soup. The soup was lousy. And too hot. Here's pictures of stuff.

Have you heard of this exhibit, Body Worlds 3 at theLeonardo? Everyone is talking about. Why haven't you seen it yet?


  1. Robert Duvall really is a great actor.

  2. A tricky operation it is, rolling over. I kept accidentally doing cartwheels and back flips.

  3. Now Sean is holding what can only be described as a baby

  4. seeing the exhibit next week. i anticipate greatness.

  5. I hear you about the Obama bumper sticker. I have to be careful not to pick my nose in the car anymore. Easier said than done.

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